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Please Read!!!  

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I would be extremely greatful if you would please complete this questionarre. I am a university student and I am doing an assignment about designing a pets portal website. Here are the questions:

*Have you ever bought anything at an online pets store?
*Would you consider buying anything at an online pets store?
*If not, why not?

*When you access a pet portal site, what are you looking for (check all that apply)
-Buy/Investigate products
-Interacting with other pet owners

*Please rank each of these features how much you would use them (1 being never, 5 being every day):
-Live Chat
-Scheduled Chat (with pet expert)
-Email newsletter
-Classifieds (paid, but free to read)
-Breeder database
-Pet photo competiton (pet of the week)
-Animal news
-Links directory
-User submitted pet stories
-'Top 50' pet sites
-Animal Charity news/info

*What types of information would you like to see on a pets site? (Mark from 1 to 5, 1 being no, 5 being a lot)
-Medical info
-General care tips
-Training info
-Breed info
-Buying guides/reviews
-User submitted pet stories
-Heroic and Moving pet stories
-Info about laws concerning your pets
-Book reviews

Thanks a lot I would be very greatful.
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I'm glad to see you posted this in the lounge as well because I was going to move it.

I'm closing this one then as this is a double post.
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