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New "cat book" idea

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Well, after finally receiving the mythical cat books, I thought about how many new members we have gotten since that project was started.

I have thought of a similar idea and wonder, who's interested?

The idea (fleshed out with the help of Air Princess) would be to start a 3-ring binder with those clear insert pages. People on the list would get the book and add a handwritten letter, along with pictures of themselves and their cats. Final destination would, of course, be to Anne.

Does anyone want to be a part of this project? Remember that postage will be several bucks at least to get the thing to its next destination.

Post here if you are interested.
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How about we all mail a clear insert page with letter and pics, plus a few dollars for eventual shipping, to one central person? Perhaps this way the books won't get lost again. Of course, someone would have to be the keeper of insert pages...

Either way, I'm interested.
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Count me in! Pick me pick me - but I want to be further down in the list so I get to see some of the things in the binder.
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That's a good idea, but half the fun is getting to see everybody's contributions as it circulates, chain letter style. I could, however keep the actual binder. Then people would just add their own insert. It would be a lot cheaper to mail that way. Then I could be the last person to assemble the whole thing and mail it to Anne.
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Cool. Count me in-and can I be at the end too?
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at this rate it'll never get off the ground because nobody will be willing to be at the beginning!
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Count me in too!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If no one else wants to start it I'll do it if I have to. But I think that those who had the original cat books if involved should go first as they have already seen things newbies haven't!
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Count me in too!!! Hopefully this cat book project will go smoothly.
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Here's a thought...if someone has web space to spare we could send the pages to one central person, who could scan them and post them on the web. That way everyone could see everyone else's contributions.

I would like to be included as well.
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Oh I like valanhb's idea. Scaning all of the pages, that way none of us miss anything. That would be great.

And please no matter how it turns out, I would like to be included .
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I'm in!

I really would like to see everone's contributions before mine, so would love to actually get the book... but either way is fine with me. I'm just thrilled to be included this time!
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Whatever the general consensus is, I'm in.
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I figure I'll leave the idea up awhile to see how many people sign up. Then maybe I'll put the numbers in a hat or something to make the list.
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I'll bite. I've done similar projects in the past, this could be interesting.
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Sign me up- let's hope there will be no snags in the road for this cat book ring binder. Oh and Deb, I don't mind starting this one from here if no one else wants to be first.
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Count me in as well!
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HEY!!! Good job I popped into work today (should officially still be off and decorating.... but I was called in... phooey...) or I'd have missed this one too!!!! :LOL: I wanna play!!! Count me in!!!
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Hey Bod, I'm stacking the deck when it comes to assigning the order. Makes no sense having the thing go back and forth across the Atlantic. With our luck and track record, it'll and up on Titanic II or that plane from Cast Away.
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I'd love to be a part, too.
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