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Acting weird...

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Cloe is acting very wierd. I had to change the box she was in a couple of days ago, because the babies figured out how to crawl out of the other one. At first she was fine with it. The last couple of days have been really, really hot here. So, I had to move the babies out of my room into the living room where it is cooler. Today is the second day I have done this. Yesturday she was fine, going in and out of the box when the babies cried. Weel then last night she kept trying to move her babies, which would have been fine but she kept moving them to a hard tile floor. Last night she started panting pretty heavily and meowing a lot. Well now today she keeps trying to move the babies out of the box. Any ideas on what could be going on? I thought she might be panting because something was stressing her out. I can't leave her and the babies in any of the bedrooms by themselves because it is just to hot. I feel really bad for her, because I don't know what is wrong and I can't help her. Any suggestions would be great....Please Help!!!!
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hmmmmmmmm not sure. maybe she is trying to move them to the tiled floor because it is cooler????
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