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2nd Cat Dilemma

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Hello, I have a little dilemma. Sorry for the long post. I got my cat Abacat (Abby) in January. She is an awesome cat who adjusted to our house very quickly (actually she took over after about two days! ). Abby is about a year and a half old.
Since I got her I've been trying to drop off cat food, toys treats etc. at the shelter where I got her. I am also going to start fostering in a few months for them.
Well, I keep going to their petfinder page to check out the cats and I saw this little black kitty that's been there since January. He is having a hard time getting adopted because he is black and he gives love bites when he's had enough or he gets over stimulated (not a big deal for me since Abby does that too). I really, really want to adopt him. I went to the shelter on Sunday with a friend to drop off some food and check him out. I am IN LOVE! He is the sweetest kitty, he was pretty laid back when we let him out of his cage. He walked around a little and laid down next to my friend's foot. He even reached his paw into another cat's cage and stole out some food.
The lady at the shelter said if I took him they would waive the adoption fee because he's been there so long and they could also use the cage ( I would still pay for him because I know they can use the money).
Sounds easy right? Weeeeell not so much. I have a few questions about this (plus I've only about half way convinced my hubby that Abby needs a buddy).
1. Abby seems fine as an only cat and my husband is really worried that she will be upset if we bring another cat into the house (she is totally his baby).
2. He is about 3 1/2 years old and was just neutered in January, is it a good chance that he'll spray?
3. Am I being fair to Abby to bring another cat into the house? I tend to be a tad emotional about animals and I'm wondering if I'm just being impulsive because I feel bad for him (his coat is dry and he seems pretty stressed in the shelter).
4. Should I just wait and foster in the fall to see how Abby will react (can you tell she's a little spoiled? )
If I decide to do this I can keep him in my basement during the introductions (it's finished and it has a window) I will also read the articles on introducing new cats.
Thanks in advance for making it through this post!
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I think you should adopt him and since you have a basement you can take the introductions slowly. And if nothing else he will have a happy loving home. I say go get that kitty.
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Well, you never know until you try. I have recently (within the last year or so) repopulated my house with three cats all male, fortunately they all get along great, but I think it is becuase they are all male and close in age.
Abbey will probably hate the new guy, and I would think the key will be how grateful and laid back he is. the advice I was given, and I still do it, is feed the alpha cat first, talk to him first etc. So if you want Abbey to maintain her authority and be comfortable with this new guy, you might want to make sure she is treated first in front of him, so they both get the message. Don't know if that will work, but if he is as grateful as my resued cat was, he won't challenge it. On the other hand, if he decides he wants to be alpha, he could start to spray, prevent abbey from using the litter and eating, and being agressive. Like I said, you don't know till you try. They could become best friends after the transition or sooner. My guys took one look at each other and fell in love. They were only separated a day, they couldn't wait to meet each other. Maybe you will have it as easy.
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom
I think you should adopt him and since you have a basement you can take the introductions slowly. And if nothing else he will have a happy loving home. I say go get that kitty.

I agree. Being able to make the introductions slowly and patiently is most of the battle, and most cats love having a kitty playmate - once they've had a chance to get to know each other and mix smells, etc.
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