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Skinny Kitten

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Hi to all

I havent been on here for quite some time. We have two cats about a year and a half Marble Cake and Misty and now a new solid grey kitten Stovepipe (my hubby named him it was his turn) .

He was born Mar 10th and I got him in a pet shop with his first shots. I know I shouldnt get a kitten from a pet shop but couldnt resist.

The thing is he is sooooo skinny. He has a very angular body and it is so long. He loves to jump up high and is very lively and playfull almost driving the other two nuts . Doesnt appear to be sickly or anything. He has had his second shots .

Because my older cats were eating the kitten food I was told by the pet food place that I should just put them all including the kitten on adult food. I have done this for a couple of weeks

I think maybe he isnt getting enough calories.

He almost looks like pictures I have seen of Siamese. He has a Siamese kind of face and it is very pretty. He almost has wrinkles on his forhead too which looks very different.

Any input would be appreciated. I really would llike to change his name. He looks more like a stringbean than a Stovepipe.
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He really should be eating kitten food still...has he seen a vet yet?? What did the vet recommend as far as food goes??

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I would also agree, he needs to still be on kitten food at this age. I would recommend getting a premium quality food for him, and moistening it down. There is also products like Nutri-cal, that is very palatable that will give the kitten the nutrients he may be missing. You can get this at any petstore.
If he hasn't seen a vet yet that would be a good start. He should have had more than just one set of shots at this age, as well as dewormed a few times, which may have something to do with his weight. The vet can do a stool sample and find out if he needs treated for any parasites or bacterias.

As well, all kittens seem to go through an awkward stage where they are taller and lanky, that may be all that it is.
Congrats on your new furry family member.
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You can also try and give him some Kitten Glop

1 lg. can evaporated milk (not Milnot)
2 tbsp. plain yogurt (not diet)
2 tbsp. mayonnaise (real)
1 tbs. Karo Syrup (light)
1 pkg. Knox gelatin
1 egg yolk (beaten)
1 cup of liquid unflavored Pedialyte

Mix milk, yogurt, mayonnaise and syrup together well.
Bring 1 cup water to boil and mix in Knox gelatin; set aside.
Mix egg yolk with small amount of milk mixture and beat well.
Add gelatin and water to milk mixture and beat well. Add in egg yolk mixture and beat well.
Pour intoIce Cube Trays and set in refrigerator.
Pudding will last for two weeks covered in refrigerator.

Always warm pudding to room temperature (milk form) before feeding.

It is very rich in calcium, this pudding can be used as a supplement for kittens, sick cats and show cats to put on weight. Several Veterinarians have approved this recipe as being balanced and nutritious.

Good luck with your baby
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Thanks so everyone for you advice and the recipe. I will go and get kitten food. It is just hard keeping the older ones out of it but they dont like to go up as high as him so maybe I will put his up somewhere only he go's

Also yes I did take him to the vet the week I got him. They dewormed him and he is now due for more shots.

I was going to take him sooner but I was nervous to get them right now as he is so skinny and thought it would be too hard on him..

I guess I should realize the vet knows what they are doing as far as that go's
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It maybe also that he has Siamese in him and thats why he has the slender body.But do make sure he gets a good quality kitten food. And also free feed him some dry good quality kitten fodr. Are you leaving food for him so he can eat when he wants. Kittens eat more often then a adult cat.They need to eat more often .Hows his energy level? Did the vet feel he was underweight?
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HI gardenandcats

He weighed 1.8 pounds when he was at the vets on May 12th. They dewormed him and didnt do the second shots as he had them on May1st.

She didnt mention that he was underweight at all.I do freefeed all my cats actually so there is always food available to him anytime. He seems to eat well but like I said it isnt kitten food so I will go out and get some for him.

I am making an appt for his second shots as well.He might have Siamese in him as he is very angular looking. His is long and skinnny in the body and legs with a very skinny tail as well. His ears are quite big and he looks like his cheekbones are high.

He is not a talker like a Siamese though.He is so so cute.
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If your other cats are not overweight, it is perfectly fine for them to eat kitten food....maybe you could try an "all life stages" formula they can all eat like Innova cat, Felidae, or Natural Balance?
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Hi jlphilli

The other two have actually lost a little weight since I got the kitten as he is keeping them really busy

I did buy some kitten food yesterday and am mixing it with the adult food I have left.

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