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Growing Woes

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hey folks!

first i'd like to inform all dat koko's kittens have been growing well
thanks all who have helped
kiki+koko also improved their relationship
in fact better than before kiki was neutered

the kittens r now slightly less than a month old
been wanting to wander out of their maternity box
e worrying thing is koko, their mummy has not been teaching them how to use the litter box.
e kittens have been peeing in the box!!

koko has also been feeding e kittens less often
e kittens have also been mewing more
have tried to feed them with milk
but none was interested

advice needed urgently!!!

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You take the kittens to the box, stand them on the litter holding their two front legs from behind and 'walk' them just a bit - enough to start a shallow hole in the litter. Then let go slowly and see what happens. They probably won't go right away, but will get the idea and remember for later. Be sure the box sides are not too high for them to manage. My father got a tiny kitten once (his 1st) and called me re 'what about the bathroom'. I told him to take a shallow box, shred up some newspaper (he had no litter.. late at night) and do the 'walk-the-kitty' thing. The next morning he called and couldn't believe it - it worked, and he was all set for a month long business of training like you would a dog!
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