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adopted 8 mo. old male, behavior..?

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He had a rough day. I picked him up one hour away, from my mother who had picked it up earlier yesterday. It spent an hour at her house, kind of exploring, then it was wisked away on 1.5 hour car ride, to here, where I live. He hasn't come out of hiding.... all but a couple times, when I haven't been around (I could tell he moved right back under something, but had been out). He lets me pet him, as long as he can stay under something... When he gets out, he acts skiddish- and his body is very streamlined. He moves very close to the ground, as if scared (understandable)?

Will he break out of this, do you think? he seems calm when i pet him. He seems to like being petted on the ears (still while protected in an unreachable spot, such as underneith a bed, a couch... etc)... he even lets me touch his paws. I almost had him out, about 4 hours ago... he started coming toward me, as I spoke to him, and layed with my head to the floor. I thought maybe my size might intimidate? I dunno..

He was brought from a pet rescue, where he had been living since he was a kitten. he had been found under someones car hood, trying to keep warm. who knows how they found it.

Supposedly he's a really nice cat though... should I worry that he won't be able to adapt? I've never really raised a cat that I haven't had since it was a baby.

Any tips on making him more comfortable? Thanks!
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by the way... I bought him a scratch pad... i even sprinkled (lightly) catnip around my apartment. he's of course not interested in toys yet...

I have paper bags all over the place... so he can hide in "different" places and then maybe eventually open up to the whol apartment... perhaps when I'm at work he can explore... but I want him to open up to me, as well.
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He's going to be fine. When we first got Scratch he did that for about two days. Check in on him and make sure that he's eating, and using his box. Talk very softly too him. Don't grab him out of where he is hiding; it will freak him out more. Just give him some time.

Congrats on your addition by the way. What's his name?
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He's great now.. it took him a few days but now he's out hopping up on my lap, trying to get on the computer, playing with feather toys... etc. Very sweet cat. No name yet though

I'm thinking of Bob. I was trying to come up with something unique, thought of Daath.... but I think I will stay with Bob.

Thanks for your support, lookingglass! I would post pics but the ones I have are when he was really skiddish, and they were blurry because I couldn't catch him sitting still.
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Glad to see he is adjusted and is happy. Please post some pictures soon of Bob.
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