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My Kitten keeps on rollling around an playing in the litter box and draging the litter around the place,help
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That's all the fun of being a kitten!! You need to distract her with some of her toys, but Sophie used to roll around in the litter when she was a baby, but just make sure the litterbox is scouped and that she doesn't eat any, because like babies kittens have a habit of putting things in their mouths when they shouldn't
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it's like how outdoor cats like to roll in the sand. Normal cat behavior almost like a dust bath. They will grow out of it eventually.
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thank god it thought I did somthing wrong
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do you have to wash your hands after handleing them because there poo causes blindness?
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Whenever you handle litter you must wash your hands at all times for hygiene reasons.
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no I mean after petting them
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If they've been rolling around in the litterbox, yes.
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