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One week old Sneakers kittens pics :)

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Actually, some of these pictures were taken just a couple days after birth, but besides getting about double their birth weight, they haven't changed much yet.

One of them has his eyes open now... he was the one with leaking eyes. Now that they are open, I was able to swab them clean with warm water and put some antibiotic ointment on them. He's doing much better now! No leaks, no swollen membranes, just perfect. He's the runt too... 60 grams at birth, now he weighs 120. The biggest one weighs 180 grams.
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AWWWW they are so cute.......
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*giggle* They are very, very cute! I love babies!
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Have you ever watched newborns dream? It's the cutest thing ever, I swear. What do kittens dream about, I wonder? Their little paws just twitch and their little ears move around, and the lick their lips and suckle the air. Dreaming of nipples and fighting for nipples, I imagine... I never imagined how cute they would be when sleeping!
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There is nothing more soothing to a soul than watching a kitten peacefully asleep. They are so relaxed! I have often said I wish I could sleep as well as they do!

I have wondered myself if the twitching was actually an indication of a dream state in kittens, but I think it is more just deep REM. Humans twitch in their sleep too even if they aren't actually in a dream state.

My personal favorite thing to giggle at is when they are nursing and their little ears all get to moving in time with each other ... *LOL* ... or hearing that first little "milk purr" ... I just love babies.

ETA: It looks like you've got a little pointed kitten there ... who is the father?
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They are just the sweetest little things.

I love their colouring.

My big cat does the same thing when he's asleep I think he's dreaming of cathcing birds as he never manages it in real life lol

Sweet dreams little kitties x
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awww! they are adorable!!! every single one of them is just beautiful!!!! i think i am in love!!!!
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw I am in LOVE and sooooooooooo jealous!

And Gaye (sorry for answering for Godiva) in her sig. sneakers is the mom and ziggy is the dad (hope I got that right. LOL)
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Yep. Ziggy is the daddy. I think it's just a camera trick, though... which one looks pointed to you? I see tabby markings on all of their little heads, but it does puzzle me that they have dark noses and paw pads with such a light coat! And, when they were born, their noses and paw pads were not dark, but I think that is normal, right?
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My guess on what one look pointed is the one laying on it's back where you see the dark nose. The baby looks white in that pix and with the dark nose it would make it seem like it will be pointed......
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Ah. Yeah, all the light ones now have dark noses and dark paw pads, except for the one that looks like he's going to have "boots" and another one that just didn't darken as much. All the ones that look white in the face have buff/beige colored backs.
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awwww there soooo cute godiva
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Cuteness Alert..............Cuteness Alert

no other comment really - - love ' em
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They're are very unique kittens, as I knew they would be with Godiva being the mother, and Ziggy being the papa. The little buffs are so unique, particularly since Godiva and Ziggy have darker coat patterns! I don't have the first clue about feline genetics, but the buff kittens are a surprise!

How's the kitten with the club foot doing?
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Actually, Sneakers was the momma! So I guess the dilute isn't a surprise, but these little black noses and ears are sure a surprise.

The one with the club foot is fine now... it's straightened out on it's own as he grows. It still naturally curves under sometimes, but usually the kittens uses it normally.

One of them seems to have that "flat chest" but so far, so good... I hope it doesn't get any worse, but he can feed and breathe fine right now.

And the one that got stuck in the birth canal and had purple swollen feet is doing fine, too. No residual effects as far as I can tell.

I took more pics last night of their ever-darkening "points" so I should post them later tonight. Yay! Kitten pics!
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They are so cute!!! The pointed ones are my favorites of course, but it amazes me to see those tan colored kittens with points! It's like the burmese, a minky type coat with darker points, except I've never seen a pointed cat with that peachy tan coloring. LOL Cute
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