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Please Help Asap

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My little Bella was givin augmentin med's "i think" for a URI. The directions say give V4ml's every 12 hrs...
Could anyone explain that one to me??
She does not have an emergency number listed either..Its not THAT crucial, but the way she is sick, i dont want to miss a dose.
The dropper gives me a option of 1, 5, 10, and 15 I think..

Bella is only 2 months..
I was gonna do 4, but dont want to do it wrong. ITs a small bottle, and only half way filled. Supposed to last for 14 days..So for her safety and wellbeing even long term want to be sure
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Augmentin is a type of an antibiotic amoxicillin.

1 ml = .03 ounces, hence 4 ml = 1/8th of an ounce. When using the eye dropper fill it just below the 5 ml line.

My Bengals won't allow me (it's a struggle) to drop medication into their mouth in which I mix the medication with a spoonfull of their favorite food.

Try and ratio it out close to the 4 ml as you can, if your a day or so off either way at the end of the cycle it won't hurt. Your kitty won't be harmed because they still consumed it. You will most likely have to follow up with the vet any way to assess if they need another cycle. It's not uncommon to have to put them on the antibiotic for a couple cycles.
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Ok thanks, for the pointer on mixing it up as well!!
I just didnt want her to already miss a dose, she's been through enough.
I just wasnt sure if the V meant something before the 4, I never saw V4...
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V would mean oral, meaning kitty will take the medication through the mouth.

G would mean parenteral. Parenteral nutrition can be delivered by intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, intraosseous or intraperitoneal routes, but the preferred method in veterinary medicine for this type of nutrition is via a jugular intravenous catheter.
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hmm interesting , thanks for the info. I work in the medical field too, but get confused if all things are the same as for adults, and dont want to assume
since this is my first time with a sick kitty,,,
I kind of figured though, if I would have used any other amount, she would have been out of medicine too fast...
Thanks again. She took her Heartgard like a champ, which wasnt even for her illness, doc just thought it wouldnt be a bad idea..She must have liked the flavor. Eye drops are the worst, because she can get soooo nasty. And once you helped I went and gave the oral antibiotics. Alittle bit of a fight with those, but that went down ok...
She is still pretty tiny, so the power behind her attitude isnt as fierce as it could be. But to sit still for those eyes, whoaaaaa , we need some practice.
They are pretty bad though, so I will make sure she gets them..
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