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update on Angel

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Not that there is much to update. she would be between 57-63 days. Haven't noticed any milk coming in or any movement (but Amy didn't feel any with Nina till the day before she had kittens). Most times she either has to be sitting in the same room with me or if I am on the computer she is ON the desk in front of my face until I scoot forward in my chair then she lays behind me on the chair. I have felt her belly and she is very lumpy underneath but not the size of kittens and doesn't feel like kittens. not sure if maybe it is her horns since she never got huge that I can feel those???????? or if something else is really wrong that is keeping her from going into heat. it has now been about 9 weeks 2-3 days since the first day of her last heat. I have a ton of bills due this week but really debating on calling around to check prices on x-rays to see if she is preg. or if something else is wrong. The lumpy feeling underneath has me very nervous!!!!!!!!!

Hoping if she IS preg. she got preg. her first couple days out and pops soon so then I know there isn't anything really wrong with her.
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Don't worry until her possible "due dates" pass. I know it's hard, and I would go batty if I were in your shoes, but if finances are an issue, then save the money in case you need it when she does give birth. Even if there are no complications, you can still save the money for the kittens' vaccinations (or kitten).

I still think she has one or two in there... if she's lumpy, well... I think it's a kitten!
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I know you've been questioning this for some rather good long time now. It has to be so frustrating for those who don't know the accurate dates (I chart mine in my breeding book, so I know with all of my litters when they are expected -- people who foster or adopt a pregnant stray or have an "oops, my pet got out" pregnancy don't always have that luxury).

Just remember to breathe, be prepared in the event there comes a kitten and know that we all are here to support and encourage you when babies arrive.

Continued best of luck,

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its funny, i jsut came in here wondering if i would find a thread updating us on Angel!!! I agree with the pp, i think you should wait it out. wont hurt, and you can save a bit of money inbetween!
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Right now I REALLY don't think she is preg, going by size and her nipples. so the lumps underneat have me worried. the are either small round bumps or lines that are sort of "lumps".......... Guess I will wait till her latest EDD could be and if nothing and those are still there I will take her in........

Gaye--- true on dates. But I do have a 6 day window so it isnt' TOO bad since I know it is one of those 6 days. LOL still alot longer than I like since they can have them in a 10 days window! LOL so actually gives me a 16 day window that it could be. Think 70 days from when she got out is July 10th. my big thing now is that IF those bumps are not preg. related am I "wasting" valuable time. I don't think she is preg. going by her looks (belly size and nipples).......... so more worried about her health now.
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Do you have a pic of her nipples? Depending on the size and location of those lumps, they could be her boobies filling up with milk. Is the lump under the surface of the skin, or is it deeper?
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they are under the skin. some feel like they are just under the skin and some feel like a rib would (only it is lower so not sure if I can feel her uterus???????????) but they aren't really around where her nipples are. it is below where her back nipples are so between the nipples and her back legs I guess is best how to describe it. And her nipples are still fairly small. they got bigger from non existant that they were 7-8 weeks ago but haven't gotten bigger from that. so definately NOT the size of preg. mommas nipples I have seen here. And it isn't like there is a circle around her nipples that i would think would be filling up. And you can't see the lumps but I can feel them. tried to see if I could see them at all with her stretched out on her back but you can't..........

I am sure NONE of that made sense as it is hard to explain. She started about 2 1/2 weeks ago with that spay sway look (not sure why as she isn't spayed) but had that droppy hanging skin down by her legs on her belly (rest of her belly is harder) then now has the bumps in the same general area.......
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umm if shes about a month pregnant you need to wait bout 2 weeks till you start feeling them moving then you have about 2 more weeks till the big day just dont miss it like i prolly will
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It sounds like baggy milk glands to me... Sneakers has that baggy spay look, and the glands are not right under the nipples, they are swollen all around and behind them, too. But, of course, I could be wrong. Give her a couple mroe weeks, and then start worrying. Best of luck!
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joeman----- if she is preg. she would be due any day now to about 10 days from now. she is 64 days from when she got out and 58 days from when she came home. so if she is preg. she would have gotten preg. in those dates. hers is a long complicated tale. LOL

godiva---- hmmmmmmm could be. it is only behind the 2 back nipples though........ guess I will see soon enough. if not I will get her in for an appt ASAP to see what is going on! only 13 days till it is 70 days since she has been back home. so TOPS is 2 weeks but wouldn't think it will be that long. figure tops is a week.
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anything new? i keep checking to see,,lol
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Nothing new. no signs of labor and no signs of heat. I have no clue what is up so will most likely be bringing her to the vets soon to see if there is some medical reason she has not gone into heat. it has been 61 days since she came back home and 67 since she got out. So think she would be resltelss, nipples alot bigger etc. and there is NOTHING......... But she still sleeps a ton! And then has that sag all the sudden, just appeared one day and she NEVER had it, and those bump things. I just don't get it.

do you have any recent pix of isis? would love to see how she is doing? What is going on with her she is due basically anyday now isn't she?
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pics i can get later on,lol. she is mostly restless. her nipples are getting bigger still, and the back ones are starting to get spongy, like there getting ready to fill. she looks like she swallowed a watermelon,lol. when she walks, she cant get out of her bellys way,lol. she sleeps alot, and seems WAYYYY needy. she isnt eating like she was a few days ago tho, she seems to love the gravy of wet food, but not really intrested in the food itself. Im HOPING she goes this weekend, but not quite sure. I did try to gently squeeze her nipples, but nothing came out, so cross your fingers for me,lol
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I think that someone posted that it is incredibly hard for a human to express milk from a cat. I tried my darndest to no avail.
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