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I took Bella to the vets today, since she was sick since I got her. URI like we all assumed it was. She is on all kinds of meds..Poor little girl. She had a TERRIBLE case of earmites also. I saw the gunk but didnt want to remove it until it was tested. I wasnt sure if it came from the cold.

But of course, one more question..It didnt occur to me until I got home. She weighs 1.7lbs
Which reading on here I THINK makes her TINY, too tiny..

When adopted " being that they were closing" everything was rushed. And the girl pretty much just threw her at me and said "here you go". She grabbed a record book, and told me it belonged to another kitten, scratched the stuff out, and threw some numbers on there like she didnt have a clue. So she had her written as 9 wks...

So is she underweight, or overly aged?? Any way to tell??
Guess as long as she eats, and beats this cold, we can make up for the difference. Just curious
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Most clinics that I am aware of will not spay/neuter unless a kitten is 8 weeks, but at least 2 lbs. A typical 8 week old kitten should be bordering around 2 lbs. I have had a few small ones that aren't quite 2lbs at 8 weeks, but are at 9 weeks. So 1.7lbs at 9 weeks is a little small. She has been through a lot of stress these last few days so I am not surprised that she is a bit underweight. The stress of changing environments (probably multiple times), being spayed, getting sick has all probably taken its toll on the little girl. She may have been 2 lbs at the time of spay and lost some weight being sick. (Or else the vet clinic that spayed her has different requirements than most I am familiar with). As long as she is eating, drinking, and gaining weight than she will eventually make up for lost time on her own. I would weigh her daily with a small food scale and make sure she is gaining weight. If she is gaining around .5oz per day, she should be in good shape.

Just FYI, I have seen many kittens with similar stories who weigh about the same as your girl. I have also seen 9 week old kittens that weigh much less.
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Thank u, Im so worried about her. The more the shelter ducks me the more I worry. They wont answer or return my calls, even the ER number that was given to me.
They state on their paperwork, that the fee of adoption will be refunded if medical treatment is necessary in 5 days.
The visit, plus medications was WAY over that..But its not the money, its the principle. The cats up at the store right now, look like they cant even stand up..Its making me mad thinking about it.
And to not call back? how much worse could it get...
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Do animal shelters like this have some sort of oversight agency? If so, sounds like they need to be reported. But if nothing else you might talk to the pet store. Not to place responsibility, but more of an FYI thing. Let them know what sort of a place they are parterning with. I'm sure the pet store is trying to do the right thing, so you can't really fault them, but they might want to know if letting that shelter continue to adopt from their location could cause them problems.
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Yes thank u that sounds like a good idea
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