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I've never been a real fan of artifical sweetners like Sweet and Low and Equal because they taste awful! But they have Splenda, a new sweetner that tastes like sugar but its not. I really like this new one and consider buying it for my coffee. Have any of you tried this?
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I haven't heard of it...hopefully it will taste better that the others.
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I tried it, and I really liked it.
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I use it all most every day and I love it. Just had some sprinkled on some fresh raspberries
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I myself has never used it, but my good friend carries it around in her purse for coffee and whatnot, and she swears by it. She said it actually is suger just modified, and doesn't have the same side effects as the blue and pink stuff (may cause cancer in lab rats). She has also baked with it, and didn't have a problem. Not sure if that helps, but there it is .
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Tried it in coffee, and wasn't impressed. It must be real sugar for my coffee. I try not to OD on sugar in the rest of my diet, so I think I'm ok to have it in coffee.
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Colby! That sounds delicious!!! Can't wait till our raspberries are ready here!
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I am allergic to most sweeteners so I just stick with regular sugar or honey to sweeten things.
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Debby, it was great! I'm jealous that you grow your own! I have to go to the grocery and pay $2.99 for SIX OUNCES!
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I've tried soft drinks with Splenda (mainly Diet Rite) and I found that the taste is much less chemically than Nutrasweet, but is not as sickly sweet as the corn syrup in normal soft drinks.
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My gosh that is expensive!!! we have 7 red raspberry bushes planted at the side of the garden, and also have several wild black raspberry bushes behind the house. Too bad I can't send you some...I would if I could!
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Ok, now I'm really jealous!

not really yelling at you Debby, I just love that little guy!
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How is a black raspberry different from a blackberry?

Okay, it's a little silly, but if I don't ask I'll never know.
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don't feel bad, I didn't used to know that either.

a blackberry is bigger usually, and it tastes different. I don't think they are as sweet as a black raspberry. Black raspberries are easier to pick, too! blackberries have so many thorns on the bushes!!!!

They are rather similar, but I like the flavor of the black raspberry better than the blackberry.
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In addition to the differences Debbie mentioned, blackberries are kind of shiny, while black raspberries are a bit fuzzy, like red raspberries.
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