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Age approximately right?

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I figure the orphaned babies were born the 8th, or thereabouts.

I've checked the kitten calendar, and everything seems about right...

So here's what we got. They are 18 days, so 2.5 weeks. They are starting to want to explore, wanting to get out of the box, trying to climb out of it. I've notices a bit of poop in the box everynow and then, so they are going by themselves it looks, a little bit.

A few days ago they ate, and went right back to sleep, and didn't wake me up for a few hours.. but now they eat, and want to look around

They can move okay, they are really wobbly and shake sometime when they are standing..

The little black guy has a bit of difficulty with his back legs.. they sprawl out under him when he tries to walk, but he should strenghten up in no time.

Right now the orange one and the tabby with white are both sitting about 3 inches apart, by my feet, listening to hedley (I swear, the people who adopt them are going to have to buy the cd, this is the only thing that keeps them quiet, I have figured out)
And the black and white boy is 'playing' with a tshirt that somebody left on the floor.

I ahve to keep a good eye on them, because of the black and white ones misplaced nursing.. but he seems to do better outside of the box.

Nacho i getting used to them now too, and only hisses at them if they right up there in his face. Poptart could care less, and gordito just keeps his distance. Orion lets them cuddle up to him (he is such a good foster daddy) until they try to nurse of him, then he gets up and goes elsewhere.

But I do this 'Pddrrrow' thing to them, and they will look towards the sounds, and very wobbily will make their way towards me.

I just wanna know if I got their age about right.. they haven't seen a vets yet.. they should be going soon, unless they are planning on waiting till they are 8 weeks for their first vaccination.

I have names picked out, I just don't know yet... I'll go make a post about names for them, maybe then :P
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My babies will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday so your kittens are (if you've estimated correctly) about the same age (give or take a day or two) as mine. The way you've described them sounds in line with what mine are doing now. They are curious but still unsteady, the little girl is trying to run across the blanket but of course, topples right over herself. *grin* The boys are play-fighting and trying to bite each other and all have started to come to the opening of the crate to see "Wow, what's out THERE????".
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