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My little night monster

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Stinkie has always had a curfew. He has to be in by a certain time every night and not allowed to go back outside until morning. That's not usually a problem. He's been doing that all his life. He's never been outside at night. And usually he sleeps through the night. But lately, over the past couple weeks, he has started getting up and wanting out during the night. He's clawing on the blinds, scratching at the door, meowing, etc. And yes, in case you're gonna ask, he was neutered when he was a kitten. But the question is, how do I get him to go back to sleeping through the night?
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I know it's hard but- IGNOR him - it might take a while but he'll get the hint!
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It may just be because the days are long at the moment - it starts getting light very early these days - in the middle of the night as far as I'm concerned!
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I'd just be careful and ensure that he doesn't in any way begin to stay out all night. My cat was like that and just learned that he was coming and not getting back out, so he began having problems coming in because he knew he wasn't getting back out lol So I agree just ignore him or find a comfy room away from your ears if you have it with a nice set up, litter, toys, blanket and go to sleep. Like regular human kids they'll learn
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