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This almost tore me up!

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I watch Animal Precint every Monday and usually the things I see people do to their pets dosen't affect me much. I mean, it does sadden me and all but last night I was crying. There was this mother pitbull and her two pups all starved. One of the pups died. The other was of a rottweilder who was starved and not love and attention from her owner. My gosh they were all so skinny! I ask myself, why do people have dogs if they aren't going to take care of it properly! I mean, at least by them the cheap brand. Any thing is better than nothing at all. Those poor dogs! I look at Rascal and think to myself, I am glad he found me. If I can't afford a high quality food, the store brands are only $5 or less! I wish those cops, especially Ann Marie Lucas could be here and take care of animal abusers here in Utah! Those cops know how to kick some butt!
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Sometimes, it's hard to understand people's priorities. Like the people who drop their pets off at the shelter, saying they can't "afford" them, but drive away in a $30,000 SUV. When I took in Ivo, I knew that I would be making a financial commitment, too. So what if I need to take her to the vet's to be dewormed for the third time? It just means I can't buy new clothes or go out to dinner or get the CD I wanted. Besides housing us and buying food, she is my third financial priority.
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I agree. Pets should be a priority above new CD's etc....they are part of the family, and their health is more important.
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And you also need to know when enough is enough (says the woman with 14 cats 2 horses a dog and a peacock!) LOL But they just busted an animal sanctuary here in Oregon.Over 100 animals had to be saved from the people who rescued them! The horses were in such bad shape, there was a miniature donkey they actually had to carry on the trailer because the hooves were curled up so bad from lack of care. It was so sad.
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That reminds me of a case in Denver recently. They found 12 pit bulls, mostly puppies, locked up in a garage with no food or water. A couple of the pups were dead already. The sad thing is that there was a 50 lb. bag of dog food in the next room. The really sad thing is that pit bulls are illegal in Denver, so even though they were "saved" since the "owner" didn't claim them in 10 days, they were all put down.

I don't understand that mentality, either. We have been really tight on money recently, and I told my husband that the cats would be taken care of no matter what. I can comprehend why I have to live on ramen noodles, or cut back on other things. They can't, and they should never have to.
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Thats so sad how people can neglect their animals and not care at all. These poor animals are helpless and they can't help themselves. No one should have pets if they can't take care of them or if they really don't want them.
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I also can't seem to figure out why people can afford to buy a case of beer that costs $20, yet can't buy pet food. I always have two or three bags of cat food for Rascal. I always make sure that his food and water bowls are filled up.

Every day I pass a house were a dog is tied up day and night. He has a dog house and his food and water are there with him. He is there either sleeping or barking at people. But he dosen't get any interaction. Why keep a pet when you are not going to have time for it. Oh sure. He has his food, water, and its neuterd. And shelter. But what about love and devotion. Time to play and train the dog. He gets very lonely. I've come up to him and he greets me happily. I sometimes bring him treats. If one dosen't have either the time or the money, then maybe they should stick to fish!
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After I took in Ivo, a co-worker started talking about getting a pet. She loved dogs and had always wanted a dog of her own, but her lease didn't allow dogs, so she was thinking about getting a cat "just to have a pet". I was astonished that she saw a living creature as some kind of decoration. I was even more outraged when she said that if she later got a dog, she'd give the cat up And this was a well-educated woman!

I think that more people are becoming aware that our companion animals are not "just pets", but are living beings who deserve to be well treated.
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EVERYBODY eats well, at our house. I buy cat food, by the case, at WalMart and 25lb. sacks of dog food. WalMart's cat litter is reasonable, too and keeps the smell down. Two cats and a dog don't tax our resources, at all. Between us, Bill and I make a comfortable living and we wouldn't dream of dumping our pets - they're part of the family. Bill calls them his "kids" and has pictures of them stuck in his work truck. I think the guys at work are getting tired of hearing about their antics.
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christy: I think you hit the nail on the head: too often, people have pets for all the wrong (usually supperficial and/or selfish) reasons. It's no surprise that they don't assume their responsibilities.
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