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How much stimulation does a cat need?

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Our little girl is 10/11 months, and we've only had her a couple of weeks. She is very playful and active and an inside cat. I want to keep her stimulated and happy, and am wondering how much a cat needs to be happy?

We are in a 2 bedroom townhouse, about 1000 sq. feet. So it's not a huge house, but there's enough room for her to tear around the house and play. She'd been in a car accident and was recovering when we took her in, and was never reclaimed by her previous owners despite being a beautifully sweet cat, so not sure how much play and attention she got previously. She's certainly happy and doesn't want to venture outside.

So anyway, she eats dangly toys, and anything she can get her mouth around (only eats things she plays with though), so we have had to be careful about what we get her.

She has a circular toy with a mousey in it she can bat around which she LOVES playing with, a slightly smaller than fist sized cat toy (I still don't know what creature it is...) that she loves playing with and chasing around, a scratcher with a toy in it she bats around, and we just bought a laser pointer for her to chase as well, as an interactive toy so we can play with her (as opposed to toys she plays with on her own).

Is this enough do you think? I ask because she races around the house, and jumps up on two walls in particular. There's nothing on them, she just runs up to them and leaps as high as she can. She regularly has kitty psycho hour where her ears go back, the eyes get big and she tears around the house (which I know all cats do), but I'm worried she's not getting enough stimulation, especially when she throws herself up on these walls! She's had a broken pelvis, so I'm not sure if she's burning off energy after being slowed down for so long, but I'm also worried she's going to hurt herself doing this! She often sits down with one leg splayed out a bit after a psycho session - like it's aching a bit.

She's a happy cat, and seems very content, I'm just a worried mummy
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Your kitty is very cute! It sounds like you have plenty of toys for her. Did the vet say it is ok for her to be jumping and climbing? If so, kitties love to climb. Since you are a little low on floor space, if you can purchase or build her a cat tower so she can climb up, it would be lovely.

One of my kitties loves those foil looking crinkle balls. (Not really made of foil, which is dangerous for kitties-made of mylar.) Anyhow, my Festus will chase and grab the foil balls, and just has a lovely time "hunting" the crinkle balls. All the cats like them, but Fest is addicted. She will even bring them to me and meow for me to throw them!

Of course the BEST toy for an active kitty is another cat. I don't know if that is a possibility for you, but it is something to consider!
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I think with cats, you let them lead....if they seem happy and what not....they'll let you know if they want you to give them attention, alot of times they also find random things to play with (Pearl found a roll of tp to shred earlier and Pandora was playing with one of my daughter's socks).
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Thanks guys!

Our townhouse is 2 stories, and she can sit up in the windows, and watch the birds and squirrels as well as "talk" to the other cats in the nearby townhouses. She can sit in reasonably high spots still, and run up and down the stairs for exercise (which she does regularly).

The vets were happy that she was jumping and climbing - she fractured her pelvis, and it didn't need pinning, so it wasn't TOO bad. And she did it about 5 weeks ago, and has gone from strength to strength each day. She has also really only started racing around. We try and limit her playtime as much as we can, and try not to play too "aggressively", while still giving her plenty of exercise.

The vets were impressed with how fast she's recovered, and were happy for her to pretty much dictate how much she could do.

As for another cat... I'd love a little friend for her, but I don't think my husband will let me I'll just keep finding new and exciting toys for her!
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How else would I get five cats?
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