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A New Friend For Jake......

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My husband and I were thinking about getting a new friend for Jake (our Vizsla). I found this adorable baby on petfinder.com the other day. He is free to a good home (not that I mind paying an adoption fee). I emailed the lady who has his and finally got a response. He is 1yr old, up to date on his shots w/records to prove this, microchipped and housebroken.He is NOT nuetured but we would take care of that as soon as he's acclimated to us. He's also AKC certified and she will give me his crate, all his papers, toys and his bed for free. She's not looking for money, just wants her baby to have a good life and home.Funny thing is, his name is Jake also . I spoke with his owner this afternoon on the phone and she is moving to a smaller home and can't take him with her. I let her know I have a HUGE yard with plenty of room to run and it's completely fenced in. My husband was a bit aprehensive at first but once seeing his picture he fell in love. She has him boarded in a kennel while she is moving until he finds a new home. She did tell me she had another couple coming to see him tomorrow night and as bad as it sounds, I hope they don't want him. I feel like I NEED to give this baby a home. She said he's never had a yard to run in. He's always been in an apartment and never really off a leash. I called my landlords to find out if it's ok and she said it was fine but she needed to speak with her S/O and would let me know tomorrow. They are pretty easy going so I'm hoping it's not a problem.I'm keeping my that they say yes. Please send good vibes that my landlords say yes and the other people don't adopt him?
Here is a picture of the little darling.
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He's adorable, black lab???

My favorite type of dog, if we had our own home, that's the type of dog I'd want.
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Yes, he is a full blooded AKC registered black lab... I have already fallen in love with him.. I PRAY we get the OK for him
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I'll pray that you do too, he's darling!!!
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Aww, he looks like such a sweet little guy. I hope you get him.
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OMG! He is absolutely gorgeous! I love labs & really really really really really really really really want another black one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get your 2nd Jake!
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Well the landlords called me today. They said that they didn't think I have time for another dog since we have Jake, Tiger and Reilly... and it would be best if we didnt get him...Who are they to tell me if I have time or not? I'm a bit now! I only hope he gets a good home
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Ummm, how do they know how much "time" you have??? And what are they stalking you out??? That's kinda creepy.... I can see if they said they really didn't want anymore animals in the home, period. But to make up an excuse about you not having time??? That's weird... I hope things turn around for you...
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