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Yeast Infection in Ears

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Gigi came to me in April of this year after adoption from a local shelter. She is 10 years old and a joy to me. I finally took her to her new vet and had a thorough exam and physical. I thought she had a flea or two as she scratched around her head periodically however, I never found fleas or flea dirt in the home.

The vet found yeast in the ears and did a cleansing with first treatment today. I was sent home with a bottle of medicine to administer 2x a day 2-3 drops. I got the first dose in tonight but she wasn't too willing a patient. Actually folded her ears flat to resist the dose. She resisted gently and I gently continued. I did have a treat ready immediatelly which she took. I live alone and this is supposed to go on for 2-3 weeks.

Will it get easier each day?
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Probably not! I've had to admister ear drops before and my cat was not in favor of it at all! Good luck!

My 10 yo girl also gets frequent yeast build up in her ears. My vet says that some kitties just excrete more ear wax. When I take her in at the end of July for her annual teeth cleaning, I'll also have them do a good rinse out of her ears. It's so much easier than doing it while she's awake.

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If your cat has chronic yeast infections you might review the cats food to check for excessive carbohydrates- they metabolize into sugars which yeasts flourish on.
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"Will it get easier each day?"

Sorry, NO since she now knows it's comming. You will just have to get more creative and sneaky....
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my older kitty has yeasty ears too. we rinse her ears out with diluted peroxide and then diluted vinegar every few wks(vet recommended) we use a bulb syringe to rinse. my aunt and uncle have a new baby and everytime patch sees them grab the snotsucker she takes off running! lol
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