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Does anyone administer saline at home?

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My DH and I are hoping that with a course of prednisone and fluids, we can keep Kitty hanging on for a little while longer. Realistically, we know we only have a few weeks (cancer) but we want her to be as comfortable as possible until we are ready to say goodbye

We are both scientists and work in labs. Kitty seems so much better with the fluids she received today - does anyone know the composition of the fluids the vet gives? We have access to tons of sterile calcium/magnesium-free PBS; is this the same?

We can call the vet too, I just thought someone here might know.


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Simply call your vet, ask for a prescription (it will far cheaper unless your vet is unusual) - you'll need it even if you go to a local source such as Costco to buy the fluids. The place I use is: http://www.bricomedicalsupplies.com/and for my Patrick (now RB) and for Tyler (both with chronic renal failure), the recommend fluid was lactated ringers...you also need your vet to tell the number of ml they want given per day and if they want this done daily, every other day etc.
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Most vets use lactated ringers (composition can be found on the net). I have seen normal saline also used rarely. Because all IVF have different compositions they are used to treat different disorders. Your vet would know best which fluid is most appropriate for a cat with this particular condition. Giving the wrong IVF for the wrong composition can actually be quite harmful.
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My kitty Max was on lactacted ringers for CRF when he was diagnosed with liver cancer. We started giving him fluids everyday once given this diagnoses and it really helped him. We tried to get 100cc in him, but usually didn't quite make that. Anything was better than nothing. He lived two months past his diagnosis...

I'm sorry to hear your kitty has cancer. I'll say a prayer for her - and for you guys too, I know how hard this is..

Take Care,
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