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Rainy Day Activities Suggestions

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It's going to be pretty much raining all week.

Luckily we are on high enough elevations that we don't have to worry about flooding (though can't say that bout the rest of the area so let's keep those people in our thoughts and prayers)

At any rate....

I have a 2.5 year old and a 6.5 year old (can't believe she's that old already) and they are getting so terribly bored and TV only occupies so much and isn't great for them anyways.

Right now my son (the 2.5 year old) is coloring in a Barney coloring book.

And the 6.5 year old is watching Danny Phantom.

My question is do you have any rainy day activities you know of that keep those of you with kids occupied but dont' drive you insane.

And know with boredom in kids comes acting up.....any suggestions on that too, lately my oldest has been a little brat (and that's not just coming from me but also my MIL). She listens to her father just fine but not to me.

So my question for everyone is two things:

1. Rainy day Fun suggestions
2. Ideas for how to work in disicpline into the mix?
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Woman's World magazine has a little section toward the back each week with fun things to do with kids. Crafts, games, cooking, etc.

Only $1.49 an issue, and the rest of it is great reading as well.
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Large dolls with interchangeable wardrobes are always fun

Make sure there is no small parts for the 2.5 year old to choke on, though
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Maybe try something pre-emptive - like tell her that if she's good for five days she can visit her grandma for the weekend - let her collect gold star tokens or something (obviously get MIL's permission first!)
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We are living with 'grandma' right now and the only one she has since I've had to cut off my biological fam.

Tried the gold stars/happy sticker thing too, didn't work with her.

She's got Asperger's Syndrome, though we suspect something else is going on as well. And she has the memory of a fruit fly. Time means nothing to her and well I could type out things all day.....that she has issues with.

I have alot of patience....but I suspect part of it is due in part to the fact that we've had to move and all the stress it's caused all of it.
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I'm sorry, I'd forgotten about the Asperger's - I'm sure discipline will have to be tailored to her needs even more than other kids - are you on any Asperger's boards? They might have some ideas, especially if she is getting 'bratty'.

It's always tough in these situations, feeling guilty cause she's stressed but being mindful that you can't let things go too far, either - I will keep you guys in my thoughts.

I didn't realise that you guys are living with MIL - it might help with that cooped up feeling over the next few days as she and her brother can be seperated more easily if they are getting on each other's nerves.

If she's started to grow into her Asperger's, maybe you or MIL or dad could spend some special time alone with her doing whatever high functioning stuff she's into - reading, music, whatever.

Anyway, just my two cents. Good luck
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I used to be on an Asperger board a couple years ago when she was first dx....but now....usually I vent in my online diary but I just feel like I'm just left out, I think we are all bored here being cooped up.

Especially with the weather.

She loves to draw....enjoys it so much and lately reading, she's always writing out little notes to everyone.

I think baby brother is getting on her nerves, hubby is building two rooms in the basement, one for us and one we will prolly move my son too so they can have their own spaces....esp at nighttime, so that will help.

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Mine always enjoyed a inside tent to play in have lunch in during the long cold winters a couple of chairs and a couple of blankets a few pillows and you have it. Play do cheap and always fun for a few hours. And try to get them out even if just for a short time it breaks up the long hours spent at home. any inside play areas? Even McDonalds for lunch that has a inside play area let them get some of there energy out! Public Library that has a childrens room? Any play mates that can come over for a afternoon?
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I have no suggestions for your son, but your daughter might have fun making lip gloss. I saw this on PBS awhile back and did it with some girls I was watching. It is also educational because she will see how a solid can turn into a liquid and then back to a solid, determined by temperature.

Crisco or other shortening
unsweetened Kool-Aid (other brands may not be as colorful)
disposable cups that can be microwaved
popsicle sticks or plastic spoons
small empty containers (if you use film containers be sure they are washed very well with hot, soapy water.)

Have your daughter: Mix approx. 1 oz Crisco with some Kool-Aid granules in cup. She can make up several of these in different color/flavors.

YOU: Microwave until JUST LIQUID. Pour into small containers.

Have your daughter: Place in freezer until it turns to a solid. This should take 5-10 minutes.

Have your daughter: Decorate the lip gloss container.

Lip gloss is non-toxic and smells pretty!
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Send the rain this way please!! We are on water restrictions b/c it hasn't rained over here!! lol
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As long as it's not cold out, what the bid deal with letting them out for a little? I can remember being a kid, if it was raining, and it was hot out, my mom put us in our swim suits and let us make a disaster out of ourselves. My sisters & I had SO much fun splashing in the puddles, and making mud pies.... then she'd just hose us down before we got towels. It's 1 of my favorite child hood memories.....
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My daughter doesn't like getting dirty. Par for the course I suppose...oh great it's pouring again. Actually right now she's upstairs with her grandma having a blast as is my son. When i stepped out onto the deck I saw the resident mommy deer that has twin fawns.

She wasn't close enough to get pictures though, but deer spotting with my daughter has become a favorite activity.

As for my son, he's been checking for studs in the wall with his toy hammer. All day. Well at least that's what I'm saying he's doing, he'll go down step by step, hammer twice as he goes down on each part of the wall.
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