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My cat not eating

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Hello everyone,

My cat Sammy is barely eating or drinking, and this is going on for the past week. I'm worried sick about him. He's lost so much weight that he's not my pudgy butt anymore. I took him to the vets after catching him pee on the carpet.
They told me to go home and collect a urine sample, but when they felt his bladder it was a pretty normal size. He also had some pretty good scratches on his head, which the vet explained was probably due to the new carpet in our apartment release a lot of allergens. I'm a little upset that they didn't just keep him and find out what was wrong, which leads me to also believe that its not UTI. The vet also inquired if there were any new cats hanging around our house, which there is, a beautiful black and white cat. But I need to know what's wrong. Not only is he barely eating and drinking, but he's not as active as he was. He pretty much lays in one spot all day. We bought wet food for him, which he nibbled at, but won't touch it anymore. He nibbled at his dry food too, but it's the same with the wet food, he just won't touch it. But he will eat cat treats, and cat nip. I tried being tricky and smashing cat treats in his food to entice him to eat, but he just looks at it like "What is that?". Did the same with catnip. I have had luck with tuna, but how do I get him to drink, and eat more? And since the vet really didn't make it seem like it was uti, could his allergies really be making him feel this bad? I feel like the worst pet owner, 'cause I can't afford to take him back to the vets, not until next paycheck at least. That's another reason I'm so peeved at the vet. I felt it was more of lets see how many times she'll pay for vet visits. Please anyone, give me some advice, I feel like crying everytime I look at him, he's just not the same.
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Your baby needs a vet ASAP. He sounds like he may have a blockage, which requires vet care now.

Cats who don't eat are VERY VERY SICK. Not eating also puts them at great risk for fatty liver disease.

Did your vet know that he had stopped eating and drinking? If so, rush him to a NEW vet.

Good luck with your baby. Please let us know his progress.

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Thank you, yes she did know that he hasn't eaten, she almost was implying that it wasn't uti. He also is peeing, about regular amount for how much he's drinking. I'll get him back to the vets as soon as I can.

Thank you again,

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Sorry, by blockage, I meant of the stomach or intestines.

I had a cat that ate about 2 inches of silica sealer that was on our aquarium. He had the same signs as your cat, no eating or drinking, listlessness and weight loss.

If we hadn't rushed him to the vet for surgery, he would have died. There was no way he could have passed something like that.

It is a life threatening emergency if your cat stops eating. I would at least call your vet (and another vets office as well) and tell her everything and ask her advice. Ask about payment plans so that he can be treated now, and look into a program called Care Credit (google the term) to see if any vets around you will take that as a form of payment.

I don't think this is something your little guy can wait on. You may need to spend a long time on the phone but I'm sure you can find a vet who will take a payment plan for you so he can be seen now.

I'll be thinking of you and your baby.

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Thank you, I'll call around. I just got home, and placed more tuna in front of him and he's eating. But why won't he eat his regular food. But yes, I'll start calling around, and thanks for replying. I just want my pudgy butt back.
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I took him to the vets this morning, so please send good vibes.
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Prayer and healing thoughts for your baby!!!!

Please let us know how he is doing!
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They don't want to do a urine test anymore, they think he's annemic (sp?), and possibly has luekemia(sp?). *Sigh* I will know after they do the cbc test, which should be in the next few hours.
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So so sorry you have to worry like this. Sending positive thoughts your way for you both!!!
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Good luck to you and your kitty! I would be having words with that vet about not caring that he wasn't eating and losing weight!

I hope everything turns out well for both of you. Please let us know what your vet says.

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(( sending positive vibes ))

I sure hope they can figure this out.
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