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My Mummy cat Lucy has 8 week old kittens, she is due for spaying any time now, shes just come back into season again, and the father cat has taken up residence in my garden again, and is spraying everywhere. Although I am keeping Lucy indoors, Im worried she will get out and get pregnant again. Will the vet spay her if she gets caught again? I am the MOST anti-abortion person I know, and couldnt live with my cats abortion in my head, but at the same time I dont want her having kittens again. Shes being very good about being kept in.

Here in England, spaying is free, and I am waiting for my free voucher from the cat welfare home.

Also, her mammary glands are still rather large, shes not fed the kittens for about 10 days now, and the kiddens are being re-homed this week. Im keeping one, male ginger, will this affect her? Is it better to get rid of the whole litter, and then later get a kidden from another litter?

What would you suggest?

Here is a picture of my kidden im keeping, his name is 'Oscar' and he looks just like his Mummy.
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Some vets will spay as long as they are not too far along. I had a cat spayed like that once. I hated to do it, but she was only 4 lbs., abandoned, and ill. It would have been too hard on her, just as a litter now would be too hard on your Lucy. Oscar is adorable!
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