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Dont know if you remember..

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but a couple of months ago, maybe even weeks.. i was freaked out when somoene pranked me.
In the last two weeks this person with a private number has pranked me every single day around 3 - 4 pm except for today, it pranked me at 8:30.

I really could care less who it is, but it really gets annoying each time i pick up and say hello they just hang up.

Why do these people do it, cant they just say hi!?

Do any of you have advice on what i can do?
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If you were in the U.S. I could advise you, as there are measures put into place here for that, for example, dialing a combination of * and numbers that will trace the call and put it on record, after a certain number of calls from a specific number, the authorities will automatically get involved, but as you are not in the U.S., I'd suggest simply not answering the phone and letting it go into voicemail, that way only those people you actually want to talk to will leave you a message and you can call them back.
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Fran I feel for you. I had this every hour of the day and night for about 4 months after I split up with a boyfriend. I gave him every opportunity to admit what he was doing but he wouldn't so I went to the police.
He would call me, my Mum, my sister, my house, my desk from a witheld number, let it ring once, hang up then ring straight back again. It was going on even while I was with Mark. He used to keep my phone on him so he could answer and sing blue murder down the phone but it made no difference. The police told me they could get his call list from the network provider but after weeks and weeks this just didn't happen so I changed mobile numbers. I had had that number for 4 years and it was 1 digit different from my Sisters so I was really upset to be doing this. Anyway he managed to get hold of the new number so I changed again, and again.
The police did NOTHING in the end. It seems someone has to be physical with you to even get them to take you seriously. I was seriously affected by the crap I got off that guy and I felt awfully let down by the system as he was able to get away with all the disgusting verbal abuse he gave me and calling me everyday and night.
I say if it gets any worse the only thing to do is change your number and only give it to your friends, telling them not to pass it on without your permission.
Good luck sweetie.
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I thought most landline services come with caller ID nowadays........
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Originally Posted by shengmei
I thought most landline services come with caller ID nowadays........
The person might be witholding their number, if so theres nothing you can do to see the number.
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Oh its not my landline, its my cellphone...

anyway i really cant think of who it is, its not my ex.. but i was thinking maybe it is another one of my ex's from australia and they havent realised that i cant see their numbers.
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A toy whistle.
Pick up
make sure its him and whistle as hard as you can
Its will really hurt as he will be listening!
I have never had a prank call back after doing that!
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i cant do that, what if its someone important calling?
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I never answer my phone unless I know who's calling just as a matter of course. If they are calling your cell phone, why not try calling your cell phone company and telling them the situation. I don't know if they can do anything, but maybe they can block "unknown" numbers from calling you or even see the number even though you can't and block it?
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