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Kittens Have Fleas

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I just found that my 10 week old kittens have fleas and im not sure what to do. Are they too young for flea medicine? I also have outdoor cats that have fleas and I was wondering what I could use on them. Right now I cant really afford to take them to a vet to get any flea stuff, so if anyone could recommend something that works good and is a little on the cheaper side I would really appreciate it.

Also, can fleas get on your furniture and on your carpet? And if this happens how can I get rid of them?
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I think you can give them Capstar as young as 8 weeks. Most people get it from the vet, but I know a local vet supply store in our area sells it OTC. I'm not sure of the price though. Do you have a vet supply store in your area? I think they are more commonly found in rural-type areas so people can give their livestock shots and stuff. Several years ago I rescued a puppy, and decided to take it in for a few days until I found it a happy home. I went to the supply store and bought all of its puppy shots for less than $12. The people at the store mixed it up for me, but weren't allowed to administer the shots, I did it myself. Although probably not the best method, it was a quick and cheap fix.
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I believe frontline makes a spray that you can use on puppies/kittens (not entirely sure). You can also bathe them with a mild dish soap and comb the fleas out to help get rid of them.

Yes fleas will get on your bedding/carpet/etc. Basically to get rid of them, clean.. clean.. clean (vacuum specifically). You can also get some diato-somethingIcan'tspell earth to spread around the carpet, since it kills them I believe (and is safe for animals). Also, if you leave a desk lamp on at night, and put a dish of soapy water (out of reach of kittens!), they often times are attracted to the light and will drown themselves. Soap makes the fleas break the water surface, where otherwise they wouldn't.
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Somebody posted that borax works well sprinkled on the carpet as well.
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They're not too young for flea medicine - just make sure you get something from a vet who can give you the right dosage for their age/weight. When my cats were about 9 weeks old they were given Advantage for fleas (it was years ago now but I remember the vet checking they were old enough to have it).
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