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New cat - get him neutered first?

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I am getting a companion for my male cat, Mongo. Mongo is 2 and has been neutered since 6 months with absolutely no sign of knowing that he's a male . The new guy comes in a couple of weeks and will be 5 months - should I let him get used to the new home and let Mongo get used to him, or would it be ok to get him neutered after living with us for only a few days? I don't want to break up some important bonding time, but I also don't want Mongo or the new guy to have any male intact/nonintact issues. Any suggestions?
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Personally, I wouldn't get him neutered so soon. It's stressful enough having to get used to a new place, new owners, and another feline friend on top of that. Give him some time to get used to everything, then get him fixed.
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I would definately get him neutered first. If you have him go through the stress of introducing to a new home, and then he gets all comfortable, then you take him to teh vet for a neuter, he will have to go through all that stress all over again.

Plus if he is already 5 months, he will begin spraying if he hasn't already and trying to get outside and possibly fighting. I wouldn't take the chance. Neuter him first.

How about making the appointment for the day he comes or you pick him up or whatever. Then he can be neutered and that will be taken care of and you can bring him home and only have to worry about him settling in and staying. Not having to leave for the vet after a few weeks.

Remember cats go by smell so when he goes to the vet and returns home, he will smell different. Your resident cat may not recognize him.
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I'm inclined to agree with Jen for the same reasons. If they get on then you take the new guy away and he comes back smelling of the vet, you could be back to square 1 with the introductions. That's what happened with mine. It's now been nearly 3 weeks and things still aren't back to how they were (but getting there slowly). Is there any way you can get him neutered before he comes to you?
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Our experience was that we had Leela for 6 days prior to her going to the vet to get fixed. She and Bubbles had become friends in that period of time and had been playing nicely.

Leela was gone for 3 days (from Monday night to Wed morning) and she came home smelling horrible (well you know that icky vet smell), but we didn't start the hissing we'd had the first 2 days over again.

I think we were extremely lucky in any case cause the girls got along very quickly and have stayed friendly despite the short vet stay.

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