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What to do?

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I'm the proud owner of a beautiful adult Calico named Gouda. Yesterday, while walking in the park I found a stray kitten. I couldn't help but save it even though I'm a bit financially strapped right now and had no plans of getting another pet.

I am keeping the kitten seperated from my adult cat in my one bedroom apartment. I am wondering if I need to get this kitten tested for feline lukemia immediately or can I wait a couple of days until I have money? It seems as though the kitten also has a umbelical hernia.

Also, my adult cat is very displeased with the new house guest. She even hisses at me when the kitten is locked up in the other room. What can I do to help my adult cat with this transition? Will she ever love me again?

Thanks for any help,
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Couple more things I remembered. Gouda has been vaccinated for Feline Lukemia. What would be the difference between exposing Gouda to the kitten versus exposing her to other cats in the neighborhood (Gouda is a outside and inside kitty)? How is Feline Lukemia transimitted between cats?
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Ring your vet today and find out in the kitty needs to come in straight away - it sounds like it might

My advice: Since you're strapped for cash, see if your vet (or another local vet) will let you make a payment plan or allow you to pay by post dated check. I know it seems awkward to ask, but you rescued the kitty, it wasn't like it was an event you could budget for. Any sane person will understand, and a reasonable person will try to be as accomodating as possible. Just be open and honest about it, especially about the earliest date you can realistically pay/start to pay.

Good luck both of you, you are in my thoughts.
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I would want to get the kitten to the vet as soon as possible. And do continue to keep them separated until the kitten sees the vet for a check-up and shots.

The difference between bringing a kitten home and Gouda going outside, is that often outside cats won't associate much with each other, they will just hiss and leave each other alone. Inside, they are together more, and will end up cleaning each other, using the same litterbox and bowls, and being much more exposed to each other.

I think you did the right thing to save this kitten. If you simply cannot afford its care, and the vet won't help, you may want to consider turning it over to a rescue to be fostered and adopted out. However, it is kitten season, so if you can keep it that will be wonderful!
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