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I REALLY need your opinion on this.......

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When I lived with my parents, I stayed at that hosue for 11 years, since we moved there. Then I got mnarried and left of course.

During my stay there I had a neighbor, who still lived there. He was my next door naeighbor. His animals were always tied to a tree and overpopulated. The dogs bark until they get fed. He lets his dogs keep having puppies and somehow gets rid of them. There ARE free spay/neuter clinics here and I just dont know why he doesnt do it! The cats run around all ove ther place, he has chickens too. Everyone is malnourished and not only that they NEVER get any attention.

I called the aspca many many times and they never show! Im so tired of visiting my mom only to hear pups crying and this chaotic zoo!

How should I get the spca's attention?? or anyone else who can charge them or teach them a lesson about caring for an animal?? It is SO hot outside here in houston.. Even my birds satrt panting in the SHADE. and can ony be out for 30 minutes or so in this heat. These dogs are lucky if they have shade and they are out ALL Day =o(

please guide me here!
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You can offer to spay/neuter his favorite animals for him.

ASPCA unfortunately cannot do much in most instances.

I used to have a neighbor who used to do the same. Everytime I see the dog wondering around my apartment I simply fed her some cheap store-brand canned food. I figured my neighbor would never notice the dog is getting food somewhere else and this way I could play with the dog because I really did love her.

Put a couple cardboard boxes outside....you'll be amazed what cardboard boxes can do!!!

It is to my experience that people who don't take care of animals properly usually think they don't have the ability to. Offer them a hand. Show them the way. They could simply be extremely uneducated.
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We don't have an SPCA around here, but we do have an animal warden. He's usually very good about checking when there's a complaint. There has been a time or 2 when I've actually called 911 when I feel it's a severe case of abuse or neglect. A police officer is then sent & will contact the animal warden if they feel it's warranted (and believe me, I wouldn't call unless there was a reason). I hope you can find someone to help you.
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Contact the show on animal planet, the one that is based on our town maybe?

Try this number and explain that nothing is being done and the animals are being neglected and possibly abused...713-869-SPCA
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Ya that's right! There is an animal cops Houston on the show! There has gotta be someone to come check it out. How about waiting until the guy leaves and take a ton of pictures. Then TAKE them to the spca and they have to do something then.
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I think you might get in trouble for stealing his dogs... though it would be nice in some cases to take people's animals away from them.

I was thinking about the animal cops Houston show, and they are police, so you should call the non-emergency number of the police and report it as animal neglect. Leaving them outside all the time may constitute "lack of shelter" which is the only actual crime he's comitting.

You're lucky. In Ohio, you have to basically beat or kill or starve a pet to near-death before they do anything. Not because we lack people willing to enforce the law, but because we have some of the worst, most lenient animal cruelty laws in America.
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Yea but if he has some sort of outside shelter or place they can go when it rains and whatnot would it still be considered a crime?
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I would call the cops if no one at the SPCA was answering...and I'd tell them that I'd made numerous calls that went unanswered. Maybe that'd get their attention.
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So what happened? Any updates?
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