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Bad news about my Kittie

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Well i just got back from the emergency room at the vet clinic. One of the kittens that im fostering the little boy started getting an infection in his eye so i was cleaning it out with warm water and a cotton ball, well over night last night it completely took a turn for the worse and it was all cloudy and swollen with pus seeping out of it. It is a very nasty looking thing so when i got home tongiht it looked a lot worse so i took him to the vet E.R. and they told me he has a very bad eye infection and posibility of upper respiratory infection so now i have to treat all of the kittens with an antibody cream. And i take them to the vet clinic Wed. So i hope everything will work out for these little guys.

But i am so tired from spending a couple of hours there and his poor eye just looks so horrible it makes my eyes water just to look at it.

But thanx for listening i needed to get it out some way and this forum was the only thing i could think of since everyone here loves cats

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I am going to move this to the health forum. I am sorry about your poor kitty.
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I am so sorry about the kitty. I hope he is ok.
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I'm sorry to hear this...I hope he gets better soon.
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Hope you and your cat feel much better soon!

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I used to have a cat who developed glaucoma and perment blindness in both eyes at age 13. My cat also was experiencing problems with infections in her eyes. I can really understand what you are going through with your kitten and your post brought back some memories. I can't give you any advice but be sure to let the vet know about any questions you might have. Hopefully, your kitten will be feeling much better soon.

Good luck!!
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I know what you mean about looking at them and getting watery eyes! If you keep up on the medications, it will clear up and heal just fine
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Well i have been giving him his medicine and his eye doesnt look much better but a little bit. I just hope it gets better soon he looks so horrible.

When i got home last night and after i posted that last night i went into the sunroom where all of the kittens are and one of the little girls was having early syptoms of it so i was thinking ohh great im going to go through this all over again. So i isolated the lil boy and girl in a empty closet in my apartment and put a mirror infront of it so that my other cats cant get in there. They go to the vet tomorrow so maybe they will tell me something.

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I know you must be feeling terrible about the little things.

Hope your little boy & girl will soon get much better!
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