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Cheeky stinks!

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Chico stinks like poo. I don't know if this is a health thing or a grooming thing. There isn't anything physically wrong with him.

It is possible he sat in some poo. Damita does leave smudgies sometimes. She has trouble with her aim being so limited in sight. Back to Chico. I bathed him about a month ago(improved the smell only slightly) & he now stinks again. His coat has that "greasy" look to it, but that could be the food(I have to feed Damita & Chico SD i/d). Any reccomendations on a shampoo? or how to clean the stink out of him? Chico has never been good about grooming. Chico looks slightly ragged, while Damita always looks immacualte.

Could the "small bathroom w/ two litterboxes" smell be sticking in his fur? I scoop a minimum of 2x a day, usually 3 or more times. He doesn't wash his butt too well sometimes, would me washing his butt daily help?

I guess I just don't see anyone adopting a stinky cat, let alone an older blind cat & a stinky cat together. I might be stuck with "batty" & "mr. poo smell man" yet!
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Duke has a stinky cat problem. He is too rotund to properly clean himself so that falls to me. I have solved the smelly problem by triming excess fur from around his behind and whipeing him down with moist kitty whipes. Duke is not what I would call a batheable cat so this solution has worked for me.
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