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black kitty in need...please help

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I am so desperate. I have one post already posted in here but only person has replied and her fiance will not let her have another cat. I have seventeen (not by choice but they knew where to come) and two dogs. My husband is having fits because of this one. The one i have in my basement is a short haired all black cat. I took him to the vet and had him neutered. He had an abcess from having ear mites so bad. The vet treated the ear mites and gave me an antibiotic to help with the abcess. I thought i had it all cleared up and i let him go outside last night ..actually he slipped out while i was bringing groceries in. He got into a fight and the place where the abcess was got ripped open again. I am putting antibiotic ointment on him. I hate leaving him in my basement. He is wanting to be up here with the rest of mine. I hear him crying at the basement door but my hubby WILL NOT give in. He says he didn't want the seventeen that we have. I live in Ohio and will meet part way if need be. I don't want to take him to a shelter. He loves being in the house. I had to put him out the first night i brought him here...my hubby threw a fit. He put his paws up on my door wanting back in. I put him in the basement. He needed my help and i couldn't refuse. If there is anyone out there that could help please get back with me. He is eating very well...two to three cans of fancy feast at a time...lol. He uses the litter box very well too.
I am trying to save him...my hubby isn't giving me much more time to let him stay. Thanks so much.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!
...I´m so sorry about this shame situation.......did you ask in this forum?..

I hope can someone near at your area can you help you!
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Where are you in Ohio? Have you contacted any no kill shelters near you?
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If you can get the cat to me on Sunday morning around 11am. I can take him to Tiger Ranch. I am going there in the afternoon. It is located in Pennsylvania. It will cost $5 for me to "surrender" him to the sanctuary. It is a wonderful place. I can tell you more about it if you PM me. I have no way or room to keep him before that really. I am out of crates and rooms in my house. So if you can hang on to him until then I can take him.

I am so far taking 7 cats out there Sunday. What's one more?
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