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4th of July?

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I hadnt seen any threads yet about the 4th, so I guess I will start one Any big plans for the 4th?? Do you all like watching the fireworks, and doing them?? Right now, I dont have any big plans-but Im sure it will come down to cooking out with my family, shooting off some fireworks and then going to watch a big show!
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My SIL who has a farm about 45 miles north of me always invites her brothers/sisters/kids and some close friends to a cookout at their pond.
We all bring too much food!!!
We play bocce, volleyball the guys sit in the shade and play cards.
I get on some sort of floating device and enjoy the water. There is lots of splashing and dunking going on.
Usually we leave by 7 at night and drive back home as we are tired!!
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Ft. Benning does their celebration the 30th this year and i am going to that. Other than that its just a 4 day weekend for me!
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Yes! I love love the fourth of July. It's my favorite holiday! Fireworks make me very happy. I dont know why, but I just love them. Most people do. lol.

No big plans yet. I have to work that morning, and the morning after, so I wont be drinking. Unless I call in, which may happen. Probably. lol.

We always go to a local show, it's alright for a small town, and then we usually try & make it up to summerfest's Big Bang. That's my fav!
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We're eatin' some good ol' BBQ ribs at our friend's house. I'm bringing S'Mores and we'll set of things that go BOOM later that night! :claps: I'm excited.
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My dad has a big vacation road trip planned for my sisters and I.. So on the night of the 4th I will probably be driving somewhere... most likely to San Fransico or something
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no plans for me... i got grounded... hopefully i can get out of it...
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We have a cook-out & after go up to a small town near us where they have a park that's an overlook to the High Peaks of the Adirondacks-they have a spectacular firework show-you have the mts. in the background,forests surrounding you & the sky goes on forever-People come from hrs. away for it-
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no plans for us. I had actually forgotten it was coming up with all the stress going on.
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No plans. I only have off work that Tuesday (but at least it's a day off!!!!). We'll probably go see fireworks if it's not raining.
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Brad's working during the day, and I'm working during the night. The neighbors will probably have ALL their family over and will be playing that crap they call music until all hours of the night. Maybe I will finally be glad to be at work.

My kitties won't like the fireworks. They are set off at the river and that's not to far from us. So they will be hiding. Poor things.
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Adrian and I are going to a BBQ at my best friends house... BBQ, swimming, fireworks and the man of my dreams... what could be better than that?!?! lol After last 4th of July... this year will be great!
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My husband and I are going to a family cookout (his mom's side of the family)....there will probably be anywhere from 50 to 75 people there....and there will be swimming, bbq,'s going to be fun!!
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Like I said before, nada here...just plain boring nothing.
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