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Flea repellents

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Whats the best thing to use? I dont really like the flea collars and have found they dont work that well. I have also heard of flea injections but dont like the idea of that as my cats hate going to the vets, so at the moment we are trying the flea tablets and, touch wood, they seem to be working well.

What does everyone else use?
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Frontline, Advantage, or Revolution.
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I haven't heard of injections, but Frontline, Advantage, Revolution, and Program are anti-flea medications that have to be purchased at the vet, though they are given at home. Frontline, Advantage and Revolution are topical liquids that are put on the back of the kitty's neck. Program is usually sold as a suspension that can be mixed in food.

I personally use Frontline as needed with my indoor kitties. My mom has been using Program on her indoor/outdoor cat for years (she mixes it with some tuna once a month). I would definitely steer clear of flea collars, as they can be dangerous.
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