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I "saw" my baby....

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Thread Starter kitty died a little over a month ago, but I never posted anything for him because I just couldn't find the stength to but I want to share something with you guys that happened about a week ago. well, I had been having some doubts..thinking I would *never* see him again, because I'm raised to believe animals don't have souls (but I don't really believe that now)
so every night I cried when no one could see or hear me. but one day, I got up early and was going to go outside like I always do. when my kitty was still around, he would go outside everyday with me, but everytime I went to the door, he would give this pathetic little mew and look up at me with a cute look no other cat could make like him. I don't know why, but he thought he had to beg to go outside well, now I have a new kitten, and just a week ago, I got up early and was going to go outside. my kitten came to the door and did that EXACT same thing. and it was so much like Flagg that I just started crying without even thinking. so I let my kitty go outside with me. when we came back in, we sat on a chair..and flagg always had this weird way of nodding his head when you petted him. my kiten did that too!!
then -this is freaky- he went to the couch and fell asleep. the same place where flagg died. when my kitty woke up, he was back to normal tho. he's never done any of that before, and he's never done any of it since.
I know I was spending time with flagg that hour, and I know I'll see him again.

Sorry for this being so long, but I wanted to tell you guys, just in case you're having doubts on seeing your loved one again.

I might as well tell you about Flagg (weird name, I know! my dad named him after someone)
He was 7 years old. I had found him as a stray on my street. he is such a cutie! later I'll post a pic of him!
He died on May 18 at around 2 or so. I was at school when it happened. no one knows how he died.....the vet thinks it was a heart attack. he went in his sleep, so at least he didn't go in pain.
he used to sleep with me everynight, and be my "guard cat" :p he would warn me if he saw another cat or a racoon!
I gotta go now, but I'll put more later
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That's so sweet, he must have known how worried and sad you were, and found a way to let you know that he's waiting for you in kitty heaven.
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What a great story. Thanks for sharing.
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Originally Posted by Satai
That's so sweet, he must have known how worried and sad you were, and found a way to let you know that he's waiting for you in kitty heaven.
yeah, I guess
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Our loves have ways of reminding us that they are still with us in our hearts.
Until you meet again...
RIP sweet Flagg.
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I absolutely know you saw him. Without a doubt.

I see Freddie in the grass and Sasha has made his presence known. I have no doubt you saw him; and I, for one, do believe that animals have souls that are stronger than ours, actually.

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My sister had picked me and my wife up from a long overseas flight. I was telling my wife about the house and about the cat that i had when i was living with mom and dad( i still miss that kitty sooo much) anyway i was telling the wife how the cat would always be sitting in the window when i got home from work. As we pulled into the diveway i thought i saw Morganla sitting in the window like she used to. I did the old blink and shake my head and she was gone.

Now i could say that i was tired , a 30 hour plane ride leaves one needing sleep. Accept for two things

1) my mother came out to meet us asking if we saw a cat near the house as she thought she headed one meow right before we got there.
2) the wife answered that she thougth she has seen a black cat sitting in the window.

lol strange, maybe. But i now think that my kitty from 20 years ago, come back to welcome me home after living overseas and coming home for the first time in 15 years.

Or maybe to check out my wife, Morganla never liked women near me.( hehe she used to try and eat there hair when a women sat next to me),

I now do think, there are more to are pets, then meets the eye.
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I was raised the same way, being tought that man is the keeper of the animals and above them. Animals exist to serve man and they had no soul.

Now that im older and have experienced such things as you described... i know better.
Animals may not have a soul the way we homosapians do...
but animals love, fear, feel joy and pain they have the same loyalities as people do.

Having shared love with any creature your soul becomes part of it as the two souls become 1 in a mutal affection.

I believe with all my heart that you were blessed with an event from your lost companion Flagg. His spirit was sent to comfort you.

There is so much more to the world that can be described away by science or by lawyers. The animal kingdom is part of us.
For as long as there has been recorded history there are stories similar to yours and mine.
The kinship between spirits of man and beast are one.
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Everything we see on this earth is made by energy and energy never dies.
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Condolences on the loss of Flagg. I lost my kitten Mattie to FIP. I have her sister Festus. I do not remember ever seeing Festus lay with her paws stretched out in front of her until I came home from having Mattie pts. Mattie used to lay like that, and that is the position she died in. Festus still loves to lay with her arms stretched way out in front, and I often think of Mattie when she does it.

It is a huge comfort, when you get a little reminder, isn't it?!?
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i was always told that animals dont have souls but no matter how much people would tell me that, i never beleived it. i think that Flagg visited you. that is such a cool thing to experiance. i hope Flagg is having fun over the rainbow bridge.
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Originally Posted by Satai
That's so sweet, he must have known how worried and sad you were, and found a way to let you know that he's waiting for you in kitty heaven.
I totally agree with this! I also believe that somehow, someway Flagg sent that kitty to you

RIP Flagg - continue watching over your family who love and miss you so much - until you meet again
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thanks everyone
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