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I think this is a stupied question

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Is this a stupied question?
I was thinking of this. Is having six cats hard to take care of??
and can you tell me how many cats you have?? Thanks.
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Well I have 2 and I dont think I could afford to have more. I certainly don't have the space for more as I live in a one bedroom apartment. As to whether 6 is hard to take care of - well that's a lot of litter trays to clean! I guess whether 6 is a sensible number depends on the amount of space you have, whether they get on with each other, whether you can afford vets fees for 6 etc. There are people on here who keep more than 6 cats but I think I would struggle with more than 3 or 4, even if I had a larger house.
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You should only have as many cats as you can care for. This includes, good quality food, vet care both regular or emergency care. You also want to take into consideration the space that your cats will share. To many cats in to small of a space creates a lot of problems.

Cat ownership isn't a game about who has the most. It is all about the quality of life and the quality of care afforded each animal.

I currently have 17 cats, one dog and two horses. But I rescue privately, bottle babies and older strays and ferals that are deemed "unadoptable." We have 3 acres, a two story home and a 35' cat enclosure attached to the house. They have ample room, plenty of food and good quality vet care. All my cats (with the exception of the recent kittens) are spayed, neutered and microchipped.
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I personally wouldn't take on 6... my mother in law has 8 and their house is peaceful 90% of the time. They have a nice big house where they can run around and they are allowed outside with supervision. They are in a good situation to do so.

Our house isn't nearly as big and we would struggle to put anymore kitties or doggies in our house. I think we're at a good number.

If you have a big enough house and the resources I say go for it.
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I have five cats and two small dogs. Sometimes it's a challenge to make sure they each have their needs met. Sometimes I want to run away from home, just for a day or two. I wouldn't give any of them up, but it really does require a huge commitment and sacrifices of both time and money.

I don't go out in the evenings -- they've been home alone all day and need attention. I get up at 5am every morning (I leave for work at 7:30) to walk, feed, play with, and clean up after them, and I've spent probably $4000 on them so far this year (about $3500 on vet bills). I'm always broke.

My lot are all happy and healthy, but I don't think it's the right lifestyle for everyone. Don't take on more than you can care for.
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But the only stupid question is the one you don't ask! Yours was a very smart one... better to ask first than be sorry later.
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When I reached three I said 'enough'. But the boys arrived and I couldn't get them adopted so kept them. I do have to say that 5 is a lot more work than three, just the dynamics of the group need a lot of attention, apart from t he physical care involved. And I seem to be at the vet almost every week with one or other of them. I do have lots of space, and they are all indoor/outdoor, so that helps, but there are still fights sometimes. So do not take on more than you (or your current cats) can handle. But it is wonderful having them all queue up for cuddles in the morning when I wake up!
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At one point I had 7 cats in a 2 bedroom apartment. My two old guys Spliff and Fatty who I still have, and a Momma cat Jericho(was a stray I found) and her 4 kittens: Azarel, Jezebel, Concetta, and Zero. It was very expensive, because I insisted on having them all fixed and given their shots. Not to mention paying for food for 7 kitties. (A mix of high quality dry food and wet for their evening snack.) and the litter...I had a box in each bedroom, one in the bathroom and one in the closet. With that many cats it had to be changed 2X a week. Not to mention I was paying for all this on a housekeeper's salary. ($10/hour canadian) I would go without eating/spending money for things I needed just to keep them fed, healthy and clean. They were my top priority over my own well being. And the never ends! I clean all day at work and come home and clean up after them all evening! It was very challenging, expensive, and required many self sacrifices, but I would do it all over again if I had to. Just to see an emaciated stray and her sick kit's grow up to be healthy, happy and well socialized paid for it all for me in the end! They've all gone on to excellent homes now, just my two boys and a stray (Ravey) which has been around my house lately who has been fixed and vet checked, and will be going to a nice home in the next week.
This is just my story, as for you, I can't give you an answer on what to do, but PLEASE just realize that you may have to give up many things you need for yourself in order to take care of them. Please really think about why you want to do this before you take in more than you can handle and the whole situation blows up in your face! Good luck with the decision you make!
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Put it this way - just think how you'd feel (eventually) if some of the cats just never quite got along with each other, some ended up with litter box issues (and you with cleaning/smells/expensive carpet issues), etc and you had to find new homes for some or any of them? Better not to do it, or try one at a time until you think the lid will come off if you have one more.
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Over the last year and a half, I ended up with 3 cats. I first adopted Ginger abt 2 yrs ago. I took in 3 other cats at around the time (one stray (Kitty1) who had to be put to sleep, one fell off the balcony (Shaggy) & one (Bob) went to live in my bf's home as he couldn't get along with Ginger). I was devastated over the loss of Shaggy. Early this year, I moved to Sydney with Ginger and we live in a 2 bedroom apt. My partner decided to get another feline companion for Ginger.. so we got Girly but she didn't quite get along with Ginger & we got Kitty2 who's the baby now & they get along just fine.. They're all a joy to me but caring for them requires lotsa commitment & lotsa patience. Sometimes, I wanna go on holiday but I have to think of them, as I worry if I have to board them elsewhere. I think 3 cats is more than enough for me... I can't imagine living with 6.. U wld need a large space, 6 litter trays (& doing the job of clearing them), hidden pees... Larke has a point too - what if some don't get along with each other? I was heartbroken when Girly & Ginger didn't become best friends. U wld also need to give equal love, care & attention for all of them! Good luck.. hope this helps
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ove thought about addig another cat but have decided not toat this time i have 3 and a dog and 3 kids i got a housefull now.
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I have 5 cats and one dog. The hardest part for me is when you first get them as kittens and they go to the vet alot for shots and when they get older and develope health problems. Last year I got a new kitten so was paying for shots and spaying and then my older persian got sick and found out he has heart failure so spent hundreds on him also. Otherwise as physical work I scoop 3 litter boxes in the morning and feed twice a day. I dont think it is alot of work. As long as you are willing to pay for the vet care I dont think it is hard at all. But I would never just go out and get that many at once. Mine were all introduced one at time through out the last 12 years. The ages of mine are 12, 10, 6, 5, and 1.
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The sad reality is there are more cats and kittens in the world then there are homes for.
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By hearing you guys about have 5 cats and a dog. I got to say thats a LOT! Trust me I love to save cats!

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