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when to let out

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At what old is it ok to let kittens outside unsupervised.
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Most people here will tell you that it is never ok to let a domestic cat outdoors unsupervised. Too many dangers out there, unless you live in a really rural area, and then again, depending on the local fauna, maybe not even then.
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There is a lot of dangers in letting your cat/kitten outside unsupervized. But if you are willing to take that risk then definately not until they are older. Also they definately need to be vaccinated and spayed or neutered before they are let outside.
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I understand some people are reluctant to let cats outside, ive been keeping cats for 35 years all the cats have gone outside day and nite,none have ever got into any kind of trouble or danger, cats are nocturnal animals and enjoy the freedom of exploring outside. But thankyou for the advice.
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Ok that's your decision if you want to let them outside. Two of mine go outside too. I don't like it, but they will go as far as ripping out the screen and jumping from the second story so it is kind of hard to keep them in. I am working on it though and trying to move to a place with a lot of acres so there is a little less danger.

Anyways, just make sure they are vaccinated and obviously spayed and neutered or else you will have a ton more kitties on your hands. So please do that at least. We can provide low cost clinics if you like, just tell us your zip code or city/state. Remember they can get prego as young as 4-6 months. Do not wait until 6 months to spay the females if you are letting them outside.
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lollyzoe. As you can see, most people on here keep their kitties indoors. I'm from the UK too and although I keep mine as indoor cats I understand that a lot of people want to let them go outside. It's best to keep your kitten indoors until s/he's been spayed/neutered. You don't say how old your kitten is but if s/he hasn't been been done yet and you are wanting to let her out it's worth asking your vet if s/he can be done asap. As you probably know, it's generally done around 6 months over here, but it's perfectly safe to be done sooner than that if your vet is willing. Even if your cat is allowed outdoors I would advise keeping him/her indoors at night as that is when most traffic accidents occur - most organisations these days recommend keeping them in at night for their own safety.
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Hi! I know you may want to allow your cats outside but it is more dangers outside for domestic cats beyond dogs, snakes, becoming pregnant and such. There are also FIV chances if you aren't careful and so many other illness that can occur. I know cats are nocturnal but if there is any way that you have space for your cats to play indoors they will become domesticated enough to stay in. It just takes time and patience with your cats. Remember, they are like children they learn and do what you allow. I too had a cat that loved going outside and would try to sneak pass whenever we would check the mail and such so I do understand. If you still want to allow your cat to go outdoors you can always just call the vet you use to care for your cat and ask when is a good time.
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I let mine out during the day, but never at night as that is the time when most accidents occur to cats, whether traffic or predators. Thank goodness there are not many of those in the UK, though I did lose a kitten once to a fox.
Usually I let them out around 6 months of age, after fixing. I start them on a lead, to get them used to the near surroundings, and then with me but without the lead, making sure I have a treat for them. And by then I have trained them to (usually!) come when they are called, especially if it means a treat. Gradually I can let them explore further on their own, once I am sure they know the ways back home. Occasionally I have a panic when one is not in by dusk, but none of them is actually nocturnal now, they all like to sleep at night!
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