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Hi All,

Glad I found this forum! I'm actually a refuge from another forum who decided to find another place to chat about my kitties after being rudely treated at my old "residence". I'm 19 years old and live in Ontario Canada. I came to have my cats by taking in a stray cat 5 long years ago who inturn had 4 kittens. We kept 3 of the kittens and gave one to a trusted family friend. My cats are: Maggie (the mum), Chloe, Hamish and Fergus. We also have one crazy pup...a 9 month old Lhasa Apso/Cocker Spaniel mix named Jasper. Previous to getting Jasper we had a Chocolate Lab named Zak who was put to sleep due to Cancer last fall (he was 14). I still live at home but plan on taking my cats with me when I leave home after college. I also look after 1 feral who resides on our very large property (we live in a rural area...farming country! . I volunteer at our local Vet's office and I also volunteer to help a cat rescuer who lives a short distance from my home. If anyone is interested in viewing some pictures of my cats (and dog) please click on the provided link!

~Steph~My Cat Pictures
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Hija Steph!! Glad to have you aboard!!

I look forward to hearing more about your furries and getting to know you better. I think you'll like it here since everyone is treated fairly and their opinions are respected.

So welcome from my 6 furballs to yours!!
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Welcome! I hope you have a wonderful experience here! Everyone here is very accepting and friendly! They are all very eager to help out with any questions and/or cat problems you've got!
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Hi Steph.

I LOVE your kitties. Hamish looks such a darling.

This is such a friendly site - I'm from the UK, unfamiliar with most of the terminology used, and completely new to this chat forum stuff - and no doubt made a few faux pas, but everyone is so sweet.

Hope to see more piccies of your fluffs soon.

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Welcome to the site! All of your furbabes are beautiful. This is a great place to talk about those little furries we all love so much.
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Steph, I'm sorry you were not well treated on the last forum, but very happy it led you to us. I think you'll feel right at home here. Your cats are so cute! Mom and son look so much alike, but tell me, what kind of cat is Jasper? :laughing2 :laughing2
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Steph - welcome fellow Ontarian!!!!!

rural area, farming county....hmmmm. I am positive we must have bumped into one another somewhere!!!!

Are you close to Cornwall by any chance????? I don't live there, but it's the biggest city near me!

You'll love it at this forum!

My sympathies re: Zak. It's sad how cancer affects everyone.

Loved your pictures!
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