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my cats

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"Meow Meow" 3 months old

"Blue" 3 months old

I adopted both from our local ASPCA. We chose "meow Meow" because she looks exactly like a cat we had (my 2 yr old called him by the same name) who we had to put down 4 months ago since he had a brain tumor that caused him to experience severe seizures.
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What wonderfull cats. I bet it will be just like trying to keep an eye on a couple of todelers in a few weeks. Playtime!
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I hope not, I already have an almost 3 yr old daughter and a 1 yr old son..lol..I got them at the same age though so they would have company. My female cat though isn't too fond of him . He's a wimp too though and just sits there when she'll smack him. I think she'll get used to him though.
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Awwwwwww look at those little hunny buns
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How sweet are they!! They are about the same age as my widdle boogers.
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Aww they are so sweet
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