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New Persian Kitten

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Hi, on Saturday I just got a female persian kitten which today is exactly 2 months, on Saturday she was a bit scared, and that night she slept on my bathroom (the temp was always above 70 F) in a carpet-like bed with some food, water and a litter box. At first she couldn't eat the food and it fell off her mouth, but the next day she learned to eat it although she still has to try at least 2 times, she has been drinking water and using her litter box, but from Sunday to now she has sneezed about 5 times which I heard, and now she's all crazy climbing on people and meowing and running all over the house, I think she wants milk but I don't know. What do you recommend I do?
Should I buy some cat milk or some special baby cat milk?
Or should I just ignore her?
I don't know if she really wants milk since she was separated from her mother like 1 week ago and when I got her on Saturday she had a few days without her mother. She meows like trying to tell me something and is like looking for something all over the place.
Please help me.
Oh, I'll post photos when I get a decent camera
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Its probably not milk she wants its just attention. New kittens want to be close to their new owners they need alot of attention.Its a new home and she just wants you to pay attention to her and hold her. Thats always been my experience with any new kitten I have had. Are you feeding her canned food? Thats better and easier for her to eat. And if you haven't had her first vet check up you should to make sure shes in good health.Plus her 1st shots are due if she hasn't had them.
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when you are not home - give your kitty a plush toy to snuggle up to - she is still a baby and needs comfort and security.

or even better Give this a try it should help when can't be with her.


good luck with your baby!
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Thanks for your replies!
I'll buy today canned food and see if she likes it, I'll take her to the vet sometime this week as she seems to be sneezing a bit and to give her her 1st shots, which ones should they be? Is there one for Salmonella?
I'll see if I can find something similar in a local store to what you mentioned, Hell603.
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There is no vacc for salmonella as it shouldn't be an issue....they will deworm her, do a fecal and feline leukemia test, and will probably give the first combo vacc (FVRCP--sp?). After that, she will need to go back every 3 weeks (?) to get booster shots and then rabies at 12 weeks. Good luck with your new kitty! btw--have you considered wetting down the dry food to make it easier to chew?
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So salmonella isn't an issue even if I have turtles and there's so9metimes water from the tank on the floor and my cat drinks it or smells it?
They have already dewormed her. Do you mean I will have to take her every 3 weeks for how long??
I considered and tried wetting the dry food and she still takes like 2 tries to eat it but I think I'll buy some canned food to try different alternatives.
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They can't vaccinate for salmonella, you just have to avoid it on your own. They need vaccs at 8wks (2 m), 12 wks and 16 wks....so 3 visits (it usually is 6 wks, 9wks, and 12 wks, but if they haven't had their first boosters by 8 wks, then you alter it to what I listed above)
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So do ou think that if they lick or smell small puddlesof tank water they'll get salmonella or is it very rare for them to get saqlmonella?
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I haven't heard of it happening because of that...I would just talk to your vet about it when you take the kitten.
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