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ok need a little help

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this isnt about cats at all but i have a interview wed and i need to write up a resume eeek never done it any one know of some good sights to help me do that. im going in for a full time teachers aide ive been working there for 2 years as a full time sub. any help will be awsome im kind of panicking lol
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Just keep positive, go in with confidence and be yourself. As for a resume, if you have a computer program such as Microsoft word or what not you should have templates to help you set up a resume.

Usually you put your name, address and contact info at the top.

then use subplots throughout, it's basically simple and keep it as an outline:

Phone number

What you hope to achieve or your goals with this position

Professional Qualifcations:
Your strong points usually this is in bullet form, that make you qualified for the position

Work History here:
List all jobs in order, with date you worked to and from

List all schools you attended and degrees and dates attended

Personal Strengths
Things you consider your personal strengths with regards to your persona or how you are on the job.
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Here's Monster's input on Resumes: http://resume.monster.com/

If you have any volunteer work, list it!

Ignore the "One page resume" rule, it can be up to 3 pages. Also, be generous on the information you place under each job.

Also, have reference contact information on hand incase they ask for it (and notify your references about the position too).
Once you're done with the interview, take the person's contact information and email them later that day re-itterating what you talked about in the interview and remind them how perfect you would be for the job.
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There's tons of info online about doing up a resume, I would just research it and you'll do fine

My best piece of advice for you is: Make sure you're spelling and grammar are correct. I throw out resumes that have one typo or grammatical error.
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im just scared it shouldnt be too bad since i have worked there for 2 years now an dmy boss will be the ones interviewing so they know all about me already. its just a technical thing they have to do before hiring full time. it will just be 2 of my bosses and a policy council rep. the people that i have talked to said i will prob get the job they just not sure what classroom ill be in. im extremly shy and when i get scared i talk very very fast so i just have to remember to slow down and breathe lol ill be going out of town thurs so ill have something to keep me busy until i hear back from them. i just hope i dont blow it
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