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Daily Thread Monday June 26

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Good morning!

How was everyone's weekend?

I was really busy this weekend. On Saturday Jeff and I went and ordered our wedding rings, and met with our officiant. We also had our Stag and Doe. Everyone had a great time!!, maybe too good, I was pretty tired yesterday and still so sore today that it hurts to walk (we were dancing up a storm)

Anyways, today is going to be a day filled with reading, laundry and grocerry shopping.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Afternoon I know the feeling Tracy. I'm tired myself My niece went out to Cuba to get married 3 weeks ago, so saturday they held a party for 300 family and friends.

That's two weekends in a row that i've partied and i can't hack it like i used to. Now saying that if there was another party at the weekend i would be first to go!! At least it was Gils turn to get the train back, i went back to adopt a position on the sofa owith Sophie on my lap
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Afternoon i went back to adopt a position on the sofa owith Sophie on my lap
That sounds like a great idea!
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Afternoon all.
I missed out on my sleep on Saturday so I'm shattered today. Had an amazing weekend with Marks graduation ceremony on Friday and the ball on sat. I just wish it wasn't all over now
Need to get home to bed, but I know that as soon as I get home I'll feel wide awake, it's always the way
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I just woke up, after a pretty much sleepless got up early so I'm trying to stay awake....

It's foggy and rainy and I'm still feeling a bit down. But we had some 'together' time if you know what I mean, last night and that made me feel more loved.

It is supposed to be dreary all day today so we'll just cope with the weather.

I hope everyone has a good day, I'm going to do my best to be as alright as possible today.
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This weekend was super busy for me! My mom and me went yard saling and I got a Gazelle (the Tony little workout machine) for $25!! Whata steal!! So of course I was working out on that all weekend. I went to dinner with my mom and dad and Lee Saturday night. Sunday we played putt putt with some friends and played in the crappy arcade. My car is acting up. Saturday the transmission started slipping in low gears so we changed the fluid. Now it wants to hurry and shift into high gear. So we are trying to get that straigt. Meanwhile I am making Lee drive it and I am driving the gas guzzler!! $60 for a fill up this morning and my little car only takes $30. I am going to be broke this week!!
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Busybusy weekend.

Saturday we had a fundraiser at the park.. I was there from 7:30am till 8:30pm.
I had to take my bottle babies with me, since they need to be fed every 3-4 hours. And they did pretty good, until somebody spilt the formula and I had to leave early.

then Sunday my aunt invited my sisters, mother and I to her churches picnic at the park. It was ctually in the exact same spot that the fundraiser was the day before.. a bit creepy. lol.
I had to take the babies then too. They are so good.

Today I stayed home from school.. to watch the babies. Even though I'd be back by 12 anyway., but I am waiting for a phone call from somebody interested in fostering my bottle babies.. but I dunno if I am about ready to give them up just yet. I may want to keep them the full 8-10 weeks.

So today I have nothing planned. Gotta pop by the rescue and check on all the kittens, but thats about it. :P
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Sounds like most of us need to get back to bed
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Certainly does, Susan!

I had a pretty regular weekend - shopping in the charity shops, food shopping and a visit to the Trafford Centre!

Over did the walking though, so didn't sleep well I'm so sore and tired today, but I need to get the house bits done!
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What is that glowing ball in the sky??? Is that the sun???

It sounds like you all had great weekends. Not much around here. We have had torrential rain for days, and according to the TV, my area hit the "jackpot" for rain with over 5" this weekend. The nearby river is past flood stage. It's much too soggy outside to do any yardwork today, so I may go around emptying the water out of a few things, and get some errands done.
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Pretty busy weekend for me too.

Saturday, I visited one of my friends and we went to the St-Jean-Baptiste celebration to see the fireworks and the concert. The music was ok... not terribly original but that's fine.

Sunday, I went to my younger brother's for lunch, played in the sandbox with my nephew then went swimming.

For dinner, my parents were throwing me a birthday dinner. Then showed me what I was getting as a gift (they couldn't actually give it to me because it hadn't arrived yet)... an mp3 player that has 1GB memory, plus it takes SD memory cards, so I can add even more memory. Pretty sweet.

On the down side, I just noticed that I had quite a few grey hair. That, plus the birthday, plus the fact that I need new glasses.... it all makes me feel so old.
I'll have to go get myself some hair dye today.
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Good Morning Everyone!

My baby sis & her son came to stay the weekend with me, we all went to the didn't rain till we were leaving! The kids had a great time at the zoo, but us grown ups were pretty beat by the time we got home. My 1 nephew is NON-STOP, and didn't go to bed till 11pm, he wakes up at 7am... this princess is used to more sleep than that. And he hops like Tigger the entire time he is up.... I was exhausted last night, and hubby & I went to bed at 8pm (it was still light out!). So I am very rested today!

The weather is blah today. Torrential down pour....and traffic was a mess.... but tonight it will be back to my "normal" peaceful routine... a welcome comfort!

My poor little LuckyGirl was happy to see Dacoda (my nephew) leave, he didn't hurt her, he just wanted to jump right next to her... she was exhausted from running from him for the last 2 days!

Hope you all have great Mondays!!!
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good morning everyone!!!!!!

Saturday I went to my cousins draduation party (she graduated from the 8th grade) My brother meet that side of the family for the first time. We didnt stay long because I feel really uncomfortable around them.

Sunday My boyfriend and I took my brother to the city and we had a blast although it sprinkled a lil bit. The gay parade was there at the same time so we stopped and saw that, that was pretty fun as well

Today its raining again so I have to clean and my little brother and I are going to go to the mall and get our pictures taken. I hope everyone has a great day!!!!!
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Good Afternoon!!!
I worked from 7-3 on Saturday. The client wants me to come back in a couple of weeks to do some more work!!! Plus they own a duplex so I'll have stuff to do there next yr. Then it RAINED!!!!!!! I know all the east coast poeple are so sick of rain but this it the first for us all June. We got an inch. So the cookout we went to Sat nite was inside but thats ok.
It was overcast all day Sunday I didn't do much-recovered the chairs in the kitchen.
Today laundry, cleaned in basement for a while and weeded in my sale bed for almost 4 hours. Have to run and buy more plants for a installation I want to do tomorrow but more rain (YEA!!!!) is predicted.
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