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Please help! asthma problem..

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This is my senario,i run a day care centre for children and I also stay there with my partner and 4 cats. During the day I keep all my cats in the cage out at a covered veranda while the children are here. During the nite, I keep 2 cats in one room and the other 2 remains out at the veranda.

Here's the problem.
Today I received a complain from a parent that his son was dignosed with Asthma and she was really concern about his son's health. Now I'm here feeling very bad because I think the cats can be a contributing factor to his health. I need some advise as to what I can do apart from moving away from the centre.

Please help.......
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Can someone pls help? We are desparately need advise..

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I am sorry you have this problem. If I understand you right, the cats are never in the area where the children are, but on a veranda? So if the kids do not come into contact with the cats, it is unlikely that they are contributing to the problem. If I am wrong, then all you can do is vacuum daily to sndure all cat hair and dander is picked up. Air fresheners can also cause asthma symptoms, so don't use them. Talk to the parents and see what they have found useful at home - every case is different. If they see that you are willing to help and work with them to do the best for their son then that will be a good start.

Good luck, I have a cat with asthma, I know how worrying that can be - it must be so much worse when it is a child.
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Thanks jennyranson.. What u said is true.. And we do let the two cats in a room during night time.. and we do the cleaning but before the children come..

We did get some advise from another nice forum (www.kitten.com.my) .. We think build a encloser at our garden for cats only is workable...
Thanks u so much...
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I can't offer much help except to point out that just because the child has asthma that doesn't necessarily mean that the cats will cause an asthma attack. Pets get blamed a lot of the time because they're an easy target. Asthma attacks are caused in someone who has the condition when they become exposed to certain triggers - these will vary from person to person. I have asthma but cats don't act as a trigger for me (dust mites and cold air do!). The parent is naturally concerned but it's worth discussing with him what factors make his child's asthma flare up. Is he worse when he's at the day care, for example?
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i have a son with asthma and 3 cats. never had a problem with his asthma becouse of them but here are some tips. the cats are not alowed in his bedroom. vacume, vacume, vacume im sure u do everyday with little ones running around lol air freshners perfumes and laundry soaps i have found cause the most problems. the other thing to consider if u put them outside they would be more likely to cause more problems because of the pollen grass ect. we brush our cats alot to get rid of any lose hairs and dander. and we dont bathe them as that tends to dry out there skin more (the cats). and we have a air purifier in the house. if hes been around the cats without a problem so far then chances are he wont have any problems.if the parents question about his health with the cats tell them exactly what your doing the vacuming and ect even clean nap time bedding everyday if they take naps to help relieve any fears.
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