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Got my shot today....

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For those of you who aren't aware of it, I got bitten by my baby Tigger when my daughters boyfriend picked her up last Sat. night. (She can't stand him taking "his human" away) Called the Dr. and he advised me to come in and get a tetnus shot. I am now nursing a sore arm as well as a bite in the leg! Oh well, next time the boyfriend comes over, I will make sure to stay away from her until she gets over her mad!
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Ouch!! Cat bites hurt!! I hope you feel better soon!!
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Hey - the boyfriend should get a shot too, just because what he did made Tigger bite you! I had to get one about a month ago so I can empathize with you. Ouch!
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That must hurt!! I hope your arm gets better soon.
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What really irks me about this, is the weird people,(the ones that don't have a cat!), ask me if Tigger is still alive! Did they think I would hurt her for trying to protect her human? Do they kill their kids for having a fit? I doubt that! My baby made a mistake, nothing more, nothing less. I am not going to hurt her for it.
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How funny that your cat is so protective! Maybe it would be a good idea to put her in the bedroom when boyfriend comes over to get your daughter. Maybe if she doesn't see them leave it won't be such a problem. Is she just upset with boyfriend, or is it any friend who picks up your daughter? Or any time she goes out in general?
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Tigger doesn't like it when any of us leave, but particularly Megan. She has been known to close the front door before we can get out of it, and tear up the toilet paper in Megans bathroom if she is gone for any major time. We keep her out of the extra rooms whlie we are gone, but she is definantly not a loner cat. On the other hand, while we are home, she doesn't like to be touched. I am the only one that can just reach down and pet her, and am lucky enough to be able to pick her up without getting bitten most times. I love her dearly, but I have never seen a cat this protective!
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