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Need to seperate 18 day old babies?

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Okay, so the little black guy won't stop sucking on the other ones naughty bits. They don't have any teeth yet.. so is it still nessicary to seperate them at this point? As I am typing this I ahve already pulled him off his brothers three times, am in the process of cutting some cardboard to make a quick confinement until morning when I can figure something else out.

I hate having to seperate them though, he's going to be lonely in half of the box by himself.

Any tips on how I can do this? Right now they are in a fairly good sized cardboard box, because it's easy to move around. They are on the mainfloor during the day and in my room upstairs during the night. And if I am going to be out longer than 2 or three hours, the box is small enough to fit into the car or sit on a lap.
So anyway, all I am doing right now is cutting some carbord and am going to slide it into the box they are already in.. but I don't know if this will work for good.
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im not sure if its anything to worry about but ive never had kittens... dont they usualy sort this stuff out themselves ... never heard of a gay cat ...
remember im not expert lol im sure one will be along soon

ummm lol if this post was dumb delete it :P
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Yes, it is absolutely necessary to separate kittens who are sucking on one another's genitals. It may seem harmless enough but it can cause severe swelling of the penis that may cause a fatal urinary obstruction. It really is a serious situation.

It is necessary to check male kittens' genitals daily for signs of swelling and make sure they are able to urinate easily when stimulated. At the first sign of "misplaced suckling", the kittens need to be separated.
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I feel bad that he's in there all alone.. his brothers are just on the other side of the cardboard.. but still.

Do they ever stop this, 'misplaced sucking'?
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Yes you definitely need to separate the kittens and yes he will grow out of it and will be able to go back in with the other kittens.

While he is separated just make sure he stays warm and well fed

Ti x
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Well now I got a problem. He doesn't want to take to the syringe at all now. He juist screams bloody murder when I stick it in his mouth and refuses to suck on it. I forced about three down him.. but I am afraid to make him choke or drown. So I put him in the other side of the box to see what he would do, and instantly he went looking for it to suck on.

So now he is on the floor wandering around.. screaming. I peed him and pooed him. I tried to feed him.. the only time he is quiet is when he is in the box with his brothers.

So I am at a loss as to what to do here.
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For the past half hour he has done nothing but cry.

I tried feeding him again, and he didn't want it. He enjoyed sucking on my finger for a bit, but then he started looking for something else to suck on.

I put him back in the box and he tries with all his might to climb over that cardboard to get over to his brothers.. and I pick him up and put him back down. But he is up and at it again.

Well.. it now seems like Hedley calms him down a bit.. he's not crying a the moment.. but he's not sleeping.

I just feel so horrible now. Seeing how he is acting. But I don't want him to hurt the other two.
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Do you not have the mother?
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Okay, I found your post that they are orphans. Does he just do it to the one, or both? You can take turns separating them each out, maybe, and if he isnt doing it to both, maybe he will be okay with the other one for a while. I had a litter of orphans that did that, they are so severly traumatized at this opoint, by being orphaned. They were a real challenge for a few days. I was pulling my hair out, two big ones were doing that to a smaller male. He had to see the vet for a serious infection, there was talk about having to make him into a female! I kept those 2 big ones away completely from him, and yes all they did was cry cry cry.
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the handraised litter I had the girl started sucking both her brothers-but to a liking to one more then the other...didnt know anybetter and thought it cant do anything-no day the cat did his peeing as I stimulated him and the pee was not coming out where it had in the past but at an odd angle..I looked and there was a scab on the pen/is opening. hes fine now(this was 3 yrs ago-never had longterm affect). I'd go to dollar store adn get him a kitty stuffed toy(or somethign similar enough) They do grow out of it-i had my 3 seperated from 2-4 weeks and put tehm back together without further issue. RJ
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He does seem to prefer the orange one..

I got them all on the floor right now.. The black one doesn't seem to want to suck on him when he is out of the box, just inside the box. Maybe they are having too much fun exploring, as best as dragging yourself along can be exploring.

Nevermind.. he just started sucking on the tabby.

He purposely crawls around to his butt and flips him over.. this is getting frustrating. I can even have them out on the floor together. Because in the past two minutes I have pulled him away seven times. He is clearly hungry, but he wants nothing to do with the bottle or the syringe at all.

:\\ I dunno...
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I just tried making them diapers, but they came off when they were crawling. See how desperate I am getting?
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I have hd them out on the floor for about an hour now.. they don't like the box anymore, and just scream the whole time they are in there. But tough luck, theya re going to have to stay in there tonight when I'm sleeping.. and then I'll have to lock them in the bathroom or something while I am gone for the two or three hours tomorrow.

I ahve been pushing his face away everytime he goes to suck on them.. and very slowly he is learning.. but it isn't going to work. So I don't know what to do tomorrow when they are going to be together in the bathroom.

If they had a mum, would they still do this?
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You could try putting him in with a small cuddly toy and he may settle a bit.

Ti x
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Yeah, they each have a stuffed animal.. they have since I got them in.
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You must separate him from the others! My foster agency lost an entire litter to this! By the time the foster Mom realized what was going on and got the kittens to the vet, it was too late. They all had severe genital damage and ALL died!

He does not know any better. The instinct to find the warm area to nurse on is what keeps most kittens alive. Is there any way he can get a foster Mom, another kitty who recently weaned kittens? I don't think kittens will do this if there is a Momma available. Even having a Momcat to bath him would help fulfill some of his needs.

I would put him in a separate room away from the others, so he can't see or smell them anymore, and see if that helps with his nursing from the bottle or syringe. And be sure the formula is warm when you syringe him. If he starts eating again, he can resume floor playtime with the others when observed. Do not let him get close enough to suck on them!

Best of luck. The people I know of that bottle fed kittens kept them in a large rubbermaid container, with cardboard to separate the babies. (They were doing the same thing.)
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OMG I JUST remembered somethign I saw on a website-she used baby socks and cut a tail hole and back leg hole-I cant find site but it worked really well for her(she might ahve been a foster to bottle babies. RJ
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I would try the sock thing.. but they are just starting to defecate on their own now.. and thats one mess I don't want to clean up.

I have the orange one and the tabby in the box, and the little black boy in a cat carrier..they have nice warm blankets and a nice stuffed toy.

The black one has picked up eating today, but he was with his brothers all morning, confined to the bathroom. Let's just hope he continues eating.

We tried giving them to a mum whose kittens are 8 weeks old, but she didn't want anything to do with them. And we don't have any other mums that we didn't let dry up.
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Ack, posted too soon.

But there is another problem. He has somehow figured out a way to suck on his own genitals. It looks rather painful to do it, but he somehow manages to get himself curled up enough to suck on it.
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maybe ask your vet about biocaine...made by tomylyn and sold at petsmart and most pet stores...its a anti lick/pain relief topical...might not be safe for the location/age but worth a shot...hiow often are you feeding them? i dont like bringing young kittens to the vet but maybe a check up is in order to find out if hes getting enough to eat and if alls ok. RJ
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I feed them whenever they want to be fed.. if they don't scream for it within 4 hours, I go wake them up and feed them.
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Oh, bless his little heart! Maybe even if another cat can't nurse him, if there is some friendly kitty to cuddle with him and bathe him, that might be some help in socializing him. Get something yucky like bitter apple to make his parts taste bad.

And PM hissy, and TNR1 because I really think he is endangering his health with this behavior.
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Everything is looking a bit better... I haven't seen his sucking on himself at all since this morning..

I laid them out on my bed this afternoon and red for two hours.. and they were pretty good.. only had to pull the little guy away one or twice.. then he found my bellybutton.. he amused himself with that for quite a bit.. but now it's sore from the tiny teeth that are coming in.. lol

I am calling the vets tomorrow, because he has a bit of really runny poop, and i don't want him getting dehydrated.
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That's good to hear. We had a similar situation. Not pretty since while he was doing his business the others would be stimulated to do their own business, if you catch my drift.

We had to pull him apart, got him a stuffed ducky thing and her eventually grew out of it. Good luck.
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