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Henri got out.

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She is deaf and is suspected not to have any sense of smell.

its raining and I don't know how long she has been out, or how I can find her in the dark and rain.

any help or prayers would be appreciated.. she has no suspicions about ANYTHING at all and could easily be hurt.
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Oh no! I'll definitely pray for her.
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Still no sign of her and I have to go to bed.
this is horrible..
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Oh Henri! Please come back!!!
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Oh, sending prayers straight away!
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Sending prayers that she is safe and on her way home.
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Sending prayers that Henri returns safely home soon.
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Sending Prayers and {{{{{ HENRI COME HOME VIBES}}}}}
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2 ideas - given that she is especially hard to search for - maybe you could sit out near your house in case she's lurking nearby? They often don't go far. If she sees you she might poke her little head out and come over after a while.

Also, maybe you could ask your neighbours if they've seen her?
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thank you for all the prayers.
She did come back this morning without a scratch. Just trotted right up to the front door. I think she spent the night in the garage and was afraid to come out because it was storming. I need to remind my family to be suuuuuper careful about closing doors.
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Henri, we are so glad you came home!!!!
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What a relief! Thanks for letting us know.
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Thank you for letting us know!

Good girl for looking after yourself so well Henri and coming home as soon as you could, we were all very worried.
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