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how much is the ??

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Amoxi? for the kittens . I have decided regardless to take Bella ASAP in the morning for her URI...And to not get TOO personal, spent alot of money this month moving. I have a TINY bit on me..And my brother said I could borrow some. Here is my problem, he lives an hour away, and of course isnt gonna make it any easier on the borrower..So if I have to I will run down there before her appointment. Thought about taking Alot , that way Id be ok, but he would want it right back, yet another hour drive..And with her being sick I dont wanna make her go, or my son, or leave her home after the vet.
Anyways, if anyone in the northeast states could help me out, or maybe east coast period. I know the visit is about 40-70?? Everytime I take them I usually just run the card right through, I cant believe I never paid attention. And its not the one I used to go to anyway. But the medicine is about what?? And is it at the vets??
Never had a sick animal either, Thanks to you all!!

Not sure if this belongs here, but its about a kitten
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I would think every vet is different, but we just paid $12 for a thing of liquid amoxi for my foster babies.

Good luck with her.
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I pay $15.00 for the amoxi here. Its a fairly inexpensive antibiotic the visit cost more then the med.
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