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I need advice ( job related)

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I hope this make a lick of sence ...

Many of you know that I am a merchandiser and jill of alot ..

Well my life seems at least in the $$ getting better but it is causes me alot of stress...

First I have a new during the week job ... It is what I really love to do it is data collection and survey taking... the pay is decent and I have three store s ... I am worried that I will have trouble keeping up with the other during week job during busy times.. but I think I will ask to shrink my territory , currently I cover 4 cities in two states about 35 mile radius and up to 15 stores .... I would like to shrink it to one state and two cities and about 7 stores .... The new job is stable $$ coming in with peaks at times the old one is quite variable and not steady but I like it ....

Second is a cross roads ... my weekend job of three years may have to go ... It was the first job that paid the bills when I moved to Id... I love it though I am a bit burned out since I have been working what is usually a 4-12 hour a week job around 18-22 hours a week for the last few months and have been training ( something due to a mental disorder is quite taxing to me ) ... My problem is that I have been offered a different job for alot more money...

Third my vet wants me to come work for her... that would be great thou I am unsure if I can handle that emotionally and physically ... Mentally no problem .. I am getting info on corresponce school for vet tech
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Okay, just me...make a list of what you really want..this year, within the next 5 years.

What kind of career, what kind of financial status (do you hope to buy a home, be back in school full time etc.), and what you'd most like to change about your life right now. If it's a two-fer, reducing stress but increasing income, I'd take a look at all the jobs and find how to get max money for the fewest hours, so you have some down/me time.

If loving the job is most important, I'd still do my best to streamline number of hours, amount of driving, so most of your time is spent doing a job you like, not trying to get there or to the next job.

Does that make sense??
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I understand and am trying the trouble is I am still taking care of MOM so the future is well uncertain.... but I will try the list idea
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Originally Posted by sharky
I understand and am trying the trouble is I am still taking care of MOM so the future is well uncertain.... but I will try the list idea
So..you keep the list to a year at a time, but try to know where you wish to end up, so the year by year choices will help you get to that ultimate goal.

I.e. you decide being a vet or vet tech is the ultimate, if it will take school and x amount of money, you work in related jobs for the experience, and set up a savings plan.

I don't mean to sound simplistic, but in a sense, I'm suggesting you do a business plan for your life - which can be done as a yearly focusing tool.

Sorry, hope I'm not sounding ridiculous here.
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Job stresses are bad, but money stresses are worse.

I used to be in an extremely stressful, but well-paying job. I quit it for a job I absolutely love, but there is no money in it.

You have no idea how stressed out I am about money right now. Not a day I don't dream about money, if I sleep at all.
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It sounds as if you have several possible options ahead of you, Jennifer, how exciting! Help me fully understand your current job. Are you saying it's possible you could decrease the radius in which you're traveling in a week while increasing your work, thus increasing your paycheck? I travel a lot in my work and often find the traveling is the biggest stress. All that driving gets old really quickly!

What is the job that may offer more money? Is this something you would enjoy?

I recall when your Vet first presented the option of your coming to work for her, you were pretty excited about it! Working with animals is something you would clearly enjoy, thus your being here on TCS! You make an excellent point, though, that this has the potential of being very emotionally taxing. While you'll feel the joy of giving your love to these little ones who are ill or scared, we know we just can't save them all. No matter how many times we say this to ourselves, it's still difficult to lose one or to even see them in pain. This furthering of your education, though, may be something you would enjoy. Would you be able to be working there for the wages you need while you're in training?

One option is always to stay right where you are. This sometimes feels like the most comfortable option, doesn't it, even if it may not be the best for the future. Transition is tough, I often feel that the hardest part is the first step.

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Yes Stephanie ... I can utilize some new opportunitys and get more $$ with less travel but it means about the same number of hours ...

One job pays the same but the hours are stable with peaks during some seasons ... the current one can vary from one to 20 hours a week ave is 6... I wont quit the first job but hopefully I will be able to downsize since job two will be 8-15 hours a week going up to 25 at peak times...

job three is a sales job ... pay is very good and 9.5 hours on weekends stable steady hours.. problem is I would have to give up my favorite job ... but I may be able to cut down on the one and do both which would help the $$ and keep me happy and sane( hehe) ...

The vets offer may table all but the 8 hours a week job since I can do that anytime the stores are open ... I dont know the pay am not sure if it is full or part time ... Yes I could work while studying...
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I have started training for both new jobs and think i will be giving notice to my weekend job ( the next schedule is just too much )... I will talk with the vet next week .. the good new s is I could still do my other jobs since some are flexable with no set hours
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