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Feeding and Socialization of Kittens

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Hi, I am new here and o make a long story short we have adopted and stray cat and almost four weeks ago she had four kittens. The kittens are very healthy and active however since them mom is still partially wild I am concerned about how to properly socialize the kittens. What would you recommend?

Also at what point should I start feeding them moist kitten food?
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Does she let you handle the kittens? So long as you are petting them and playing with them, they will be tame. If she won't let you touch them, or is training them to be afraid of you, you may need to take them from her soon.

Usually at about 4 weeks, kittens start being interested in solid foods. Put down canned food or dry kitten food moistened with water or kitty formula. This is when they can start litter training, too. So put out a low pan with clay litter in it. (Scoopable litter is unsafe for kittens because they will try to eat it!) I like to use disposable aluminum pans from the dollar store...low sides and low price! LOL!

Good luck with the kitties. Do you plan to keep any kittens? How about the Mom? And be sure to keep her inside only until the kittens are 8-10 weeks old and weaned. Then you can spay her!
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She is letting us hold the kittens, but still hisses at us sometimes. She hasn't batted at us or tried to bite us lately though We will be getting her spayed as soon as the kittens are weaned however I think she will be going back to being an outside cat as she is not happy inside. She will go sit in front of the window or door and just cry. We have homes for the kittens, I just have to see if my hubby will let us keep one.

Thank you for the advice about the pans I will have to try that.

What do you put their food in ? I put it in a plate and all they did was lay in it.
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So long as she is letting you hold them, keep the little family together. Just try to spend time with them regularly, to be sure they are very very tame. Some adult cats just don't really tame well, and if it is safe outside, that is probably a good choice for the Momma.

Is the Mom eating near the kittens? That is usually what starts the kittens eating, too. I honestly use a large plastic lid off an underbed box to put the kitten dishes on. They can make such a mess! Then the water (which they will walk in) and the food are contained. I often use paper plates for the dry food or canned food. I put the dry food that I moisten with kitten formula in bowls.

Kittens vary...I have had 4 week old kittens chow down on dry kibble, and others at 5 weeks who just keep nursing. But make it available now.
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