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Advice please

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Boo is acting a little wierd with the kittens. they are now just over 24 hours old and she has decided to move them.
She has put them right by the bed on the floor. She likes to sleep there anyway and its right next to me but im concerned the babies wont be warm enough there. Now she has moved them she has settled down and they are all feeding.

Should I leave her and the kittens there or put them back in their box.
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I would put them back in the box. Them being beside of the bed is a biggggg 'no no' because they will most likely end up getting stepped on. I am sure she will try to move them again, just keep putting them in their box, eventually she will realize that it doesn't matter where she 'hides' them, you are going to move them back.
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ok i will put them back. Its 1:20 in the morning where i am and im scared shes gonna put them back as soon as i fall asleep.

I will just have to see how it goes, she is just lying there beside my bed with her babies at the min looking up at me and purring
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Boo is still not happy. she wont keep the babies in the box and is insisting they go at the bottom of my bed. I must have moved them back a dozen times. Each time she got them straight back out again. I was worried last night as they felt cold but they are all cosy warm this morning.

What do I do?
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Ebony is doing exactly the same. she currently has one under the dining room table. I don't want to have to shut her in the cupboard with them, but I'm off to work soon and I don't want the to get cold while I'm gone and get sick.

It's really difficult isn't it.

I hope both our mummies get the message soon

Ti x
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oo emma i know what u mean boots was so not into a box even for giving birth she had them right in middle of my bedroom floor i moved them into a box but she was having none of it and ebded up stopping lying in box with them as boots likes to stretch out and that worried me so i took them out with all there blankets and sheets and stuff and tried to make it cosy but away from the bed and things in way so when they leave they wont be walked over they can be little madams when they dont get there own way eh lol
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yeah, they are oddballs.

Boo wont lie on blankets or anything with them. i tried putting blankets down on the floor and she just got up and moved them again. i had to take the blankets away. She just seems to want them on my carpet.

Im just gonna leave her alone for a few hours to settle down i think. As fast as im putting them in the box she is getting them out again and im scared she is gonna hurt them or start ignoring them if i dont leave them alone.
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Ok im still having problems with boo moving the kittens.

Boo is shut in my bedroom as its the only room I have that the kids dont go in. I set her up in a pen with a box in one end and her food and litter tray at the other end. She had the kittens in there and left them there for the first 24 hours. She then moved them onto the carpet next to my bed. No one can get to them as her pen kinda blocks that bit off.

I tried changing all the bedding, removing the box and all sorts but still she puts them back on the carpet. I tried putting the box where she was putting the kittens but then she just moved them somewhere else.

Im worried about the kittens getting cold. Last night they looked like they were shivering. I have just been and put a sheet under them but she is now looking for somewhere else to put them.

Im really at a loss with what to do.
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Hi there

The only thing I can think of is to put a big cardboard box over the top of the kittens where they are now. At least that would keep them out of any drafts. Then put a hot water bottle next to one side of it so it warms the area up.

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me and Kitty had the same problem. she had her Kittens on the couch because she wanted to be with us then we moves her to a little cage and left it open so she could get food and water and she started to carry them upstairs!it was a constant battle between me and her.i would be on my way downstairs with one to put her back and sahe would be running up the stairs with the other to hide her! eventually i just gave in and let her have her way and fixed her a spot upstairs. i guess she really wants them there. maybe try to put a box or something in the spot she keeps moving them to or try to set up a nest while she is out of the room.since you think they are cold maybe put a hot waterbottle or a rice sock under some sheets and put them by it (not on top of it). hope that helps. good luck!
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Ok i have just been and done that.

Im gonna leave her alone for a while now as I have to kake the kids to their swimming lessons.
Maybe she will settle, She didnt imediately move them like she has been doing.

Thanks ever so much,
I will let you know how its going when i get home.

Emma x x
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Ok after being settled for a couple of days she is on the move again with them. except this time they are dotted all over the bedroom, She hasnt kept them together. I have tried placing them back together but she is so stuborn as fast as im putting them back she has got another one out.

what do i do???
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I'm certain our cats were separated at birth!

Ebony has gone back to trying to move the kittens. They are currently under the bed which is where Ihave left them as they are safe there. I think she wants them to be near us she keeps trying to move them to sitting room when we are there and then to bedroom once we go to bed.

I got the dog cage set up last night and will be moving her and the kittens into it tonight. Maybe you need to consider doing something similar with Boo.

I know what you mean about sleep. I don't think I've a good night since they were born, keeping waking up and checking they are all still there and ok.
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If I were in your shoes I would:

Make sure warmth is the main priority, at that age they can't shiver or control their own body temperature and they can deteriorate very rapidly.
If she moves them and you're unsure whether or not they are warm enough, put them back so they can stay warm. You'll probably end up feeling like a Yo-Yo but..
A grumpy mother is better than a kitten getting into difficulties.

That's what I would do anyway, hope it helps
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Hi, Ebony and Boo sure do seem alike. lol

I am moving the kittens back into the box about 4 or 5 times a day. she woke me at 4:30 this morning climbing over me with them. She will leave them where they are for a while after I have put them back which is good.

Thanks for the advice crumblys dad, that is exactly what i have been doing......just wasnt sure I was doing the right thing. Boo doesnt seem cross with me she just follows me round looking at me as if to say "I wish she would just leave them where i like them" LOL
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Ruby has been moving the babies all day. They are confined to the bathroom, but keeps moving them out of the bathub onto the cold tile floor. I've put a towel down now. Everytime I go in, I put them back, but I hear her moving them as soon as I leave. She did this a few days ago, I changed the bedding and she stopped. I change the bedding everyday, and it seems like that is no longer a solution. I feel your pain!
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