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Hi All,
My name is Dee known as Deecat. I wrote into the Behavior Forum a few days ago with a problem with my furkid Luckie. Several of you were kind enough to give me some suggestions which I've tried and seem to be working so far. Not being familiar with the site (but I'm going to get familiar, I love it.) I didn't know I could introduce myself. I've been reading about all of you. What a fantastic group! I live in a small, small town in Eastern Washington State called Waitsburg. We're about 20 miles east of Walla Walla which is famous for Walla Wall sweet onions. I'm 57 going on 21 and my husband and I are both disability retired. We have one small dog, Sammy, who is part dotson and beagle we think. We got him from one of the humane socities in Seattle when we lived there 5 years ago. He is 8 now, spoiled but super intelligent. He adores the other furkids especially Jessie. She was feral and came to us first. We are not sure how old she is. I suppose we should have called her Princess because she is the queen bee. She is gray and white, long haired and lots of attitude. She has large slanted green eyes that look like she has eye make up on. She's beautiful. Nikkie came next. Someone dumped him while I was in the hospital recovering from a heart attack a few years ago. My husband found him immediately and he was waiting for me when I got home. He was probably about 5 months old. He is a tabby abssieon (Sorry I can't remember how to spell it) with tabby coloring, short hair but long and lean with long legs, and tuffs on the top of his ears. He has a sleek, struting walk. He's not real verbal but has a very soft voice. When my husband introduced us he immediatly decided I was his and it has been so ever since. He is not a lap cat but loves to wrap himself around me as much as he can. He is awsome and I love him dearly. Luckie came to us last. You can read about him on my behavior post. He is black, white chested with round bright green eyes. He had a very rough time before we got him. Its taken a long time (a couple of years) for him to decide that Mama, at least, is okay. I adore all 4 of our furkids. We have also in the last couple of months acquired another one. We call her Lady and she is an outside cat. She is also a beautiful short haired tabby. Apparently she had been left by someone but it does not appear that she has been abused. She is a lover and when you pick her up she wraps her paws about your neck and just hugs you and rubs her face against yours and gives you kisses. We feed her, have taken her to the vet so make sure she has her shots. Someone has had her neutered. The vet said she is very healthy but she did have worms so was treated for that. She comes when we call and at night she comes running to be put into the garage so she can sleep on the bed we got her. We found by putting a litter box in the garage that she is box trained and she uses it. She comes to our sliding patio door and will sit and look in when she wants attention and we are not outside. She will come into the house but does not like to stay for more than a few minutes. She is very verbale but has a very soft voice. She is such a sweetling. Well, now that I've written a book about my kids, I'll check out. I love this site and meeting everyone and their furkids. Next time...
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Hello Dee!! Big welcome from me and my furries, Xavier, Fallon, Mitzi, Sampson, Natala and Scooby!!

I'm glad you were able to find some help from this site. This place is great for asking questions, sharing stories, giving advice and making friends. I hope to hear a lot more from you about your furries, they all sound wonderful!!

Oh yeah and we LOVE pictures... hint hint...
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Hi, Dee! It's nice to have you with us! It sounds as if you have a happy family which is well loved! I like to read people's bios too, and I do it frequently so that I feel that I know people.
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Thank you for the welcome. I'd love to post pictures but I have to confess I don't know how to do it. I can always talk about my kids. They do something funny every day. I'm sure yours do too. I'd love to be able to have a couple more but our place is just too small. Now Luckie is laying on the back of my chair at the computer and patting me on the shoulder with his paw. I just told him I'd been talking about him. Now he's washing his face. Go figure.....
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Welcome Deehome! This is a really nice way of getting to know each other. Please join us in The Cat Lounge. We talk about everything under the sun there. And it's a good place to post all those funny things our furbabes have done.

I look forward to getting to know you and your babies better.
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Welcome from me, Fred, Leo, Pearl, and Georgia!
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Heidi, Jeanie, Krazy Kat2,
Thanks for your welcome. I'm so glad to be included and get to know you. Anyone who loves furbabies is a friend of mine. Its been very hot here and now its raining hard outside but its still warm. I have the windows open and Jessie, Nikkie and Luckie are perched on the window sills. They love the rain and I'm sure the smells that it produces. My little Lady is already tucked away in her bed in the garage. Tomorrows another day. Hope its a good one for you and your kids.
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Another big welcome from me, Peppurr, Mimi, Vader, Majesty, Twinkles, Tigger, Miss Chevious, Spaz and Chubby

:homer: :blubturq: :blubturq: :baloon: :baloon: :rainbow: :rainbow:
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Welcome to the cat site!
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Vader and Bengal Cats,
Thank you for the welcome. Don't know why since they have never done this before but Nikkie is half on the back of my chair and the other half on my shoulder; Luckie is sitting on my desk next to the keyboard and they are both watching the screen. Maybe they are getting hellos from your kids. Blessed be. Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie and mom.
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Welcome Dee! You sound like you have a wonderful fur family.
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Thank you for the welcome. I think I do have a wonderful bunch of furkids. I love them to pieces. Its so amazing to me that each has his/her own personality just like people do. I wish I was able to have a dozen more. They make me laugh so. Luckie was just stalking Nikkie and trying to play with his tail. Nikkie then knocked him over, held him down and proceeded to firmly wash his face. Luckie had the most startled looked on his face, broke away and ran under my desk. Nikkie just yawned and proceeded to wash his own face. I wonder exactly what the message was. Blessed be. Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie and mom.
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A big welcome from Canada coming your way Dee! I look forward to hearing more stories about your furbabies. Some furry kisses coming your way from my babies Pepperpot, Sugarly, Excalibur, Merlin and Gweeky.
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Thank you for the welcome. Canada is a beautiful country. My mother's side of the family came from Canada. Gweeky? There's got to be a story behind that. Please share. It just dawned on me when I read your list of kids that I had not been adding Lady to mine. Lady is an outside cat who adopted us when we moved here. We don't know what her past is but she does not seem to have been abused and is very healthy. She will come into the house for a short while when she figures that its been long enough since we loved each other. And she is a lover. When we pick her up her front paws go around our necks and she hugs, kisses and cuddles. She has been spayed and uses the cat box we put in the garage and when it gets dark she's ready to be put in the garage and sleeps on the bed we got for her. She is very dignified and gets along with the other 3 mainly by ignoring them. Its amazing that she does get along with Jessie because Jessie only gets along when she feels like it. However we don't know how old Jessie is because she was grown and feral when we got her and we've had her 6 years. As she has gotten older she has mellowed and likes to be petted, hugged and kissed now which she didn't for years. She is more her daddy's girl than mama's. But we love all our furkids. I really should include Sammy also although he is a dog he one of the kids. He is very protective of the others especially Jessie. She was injured when we got her apparently in a fight with infected places on her face. When we brought her home from the vet we had to clean and medicate the wounds every day and Sammy would get up on the bed to see that I was doing it correctly and he would lay next to her when she slept. They have always gotten along, she takes him for granted. After we got Luckie and he was well he loved to harrass her and Sammy would get between them and growl at Luckie. Jessie would peek out from behind Sammy and the ha ha look she would give Luckie was priceless. Night before last she was laying on the padded kitchen chair (her favorite place) and Sammy walked past to peer out the sliding glass door and she reached down with her paw and patted him on the back as he went by. He stopped and looked back at her and she raised her nose in the air and yawned as though he wasn't even there. I was standing by the kitchen sink watching them. He just sort of shrugged and then walked back past her and she repeated the performance. I had to laugh. He looked at her with such a puzzled expression and her expression was saying "I didn't do anything. Whats your problem". He went on into the living room and she looked at me and I swear she was laughing. As you can tell, I love to talk about the babies. Blessed be. Sammy, Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady and mama
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